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  1. another thing to,if i change this does the person i play online with have to change it to or is ok if im hosting?
  2. i just started to play with the hexing part of this game.Ive tried to change the color of the ice and it seems like im doing it the right way but after i change the numbers and then hit save and fire up the game the game wont start. any suggestions?
  3. could some1 give me the info on how to play 2 on 2 hockey,like back in the day when u could use the 4 player hookup
  4. are we able to use user records online if were playing our friends
  5. a few of my buddies and me are getting a teamspeak so we are able to talk while we play the game,was wondering if anybody was interested in joining us,you would need a headset and a mic,we would set up different rooms so if your in a game with someone you 2 guys would only communicate with each other and then when your game was done you would be able to join the lobby and possibly find another opponent,were doing this to hope to bring together the nhl community and also get some help from u guys on how to edit the game and make the gameplay better
  6. i know im posting alot but i have alot of questions,is this game only for 2 players or can we play like 2 on 2 like back in the day with the 4 player hookup
  7. Im new to this website and im learning how everything is run but i already see everyone having to post to set up a game,ha(s anyone ever tried teamspeak 3,if we had this option we could just get on the computer(would have to have a headset with a mic)and actually talk to set games up,i think for a teamspeak site its like $6 a month,we could put up a donation to help pay for it,just a suggestion from a newbie
  8. Hey guys,me and my buddies are in the process of getting everything setup,weve played some games online so far but there seems to be some choppiness to the games,we both have 32 bit vista,good computers with memory and graphics,we have great internet connections,the gameplay for the most part is great but it will get choppy here and there,any suggestions,we have basic knowledge of what were doing but we are not computer guys,also ive read some posts about the things we should hack on the game and i get the basic concept but dont know how to actually do it,are any of u on some kind of teamspeak where someone could help us out,we want to eventually be on your leagues but we are slow starters on getting set up,thx for the help
  9. we got it working,we just werent doing everything right,thx for posting
  10. the next page looks like this use port: let system allocate port when not hosting nick: change mode 1.p2p host connect peer ip connect stored waiting games add edit delete
  11. me and a buddy are just gettin hockey to play with u guys but its been a while since we played,tried playing online together but after i hit netplay it doesnt show up like the instructions say,i hit netplay and it says at the top N02.p2p v0r6(nov1 2007)if this is right what do i do on the next page
  12. Wow,i cant believe this game is still gettin played,me and my boyz are in the process of gettin this hooked up on our computers,we use to play the crap out of this game and that all ended when we all started having kids,found this website by accident,just givin a shout hi to everyone and me and my boyz will see u guys soon
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