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  1. For those that are interested.

    It's been coming along slower than hoped but it's tough finding time right now. Kids, wife, work and golfing [plus my crappy allergies] has hindered my time. ALso the free agency this is coming up so guys will be moving aorund again so just watch for it sometime this summer and an update for the start of next season after that. Sounds fair I think.

    Just found out my third kid will be a boy as well. The hat trick!

  2. You would be my hero if you made an old WCHL rom, the year before they merged with the ECHL, with the Fresno Falcons, San Diego Gulls, Anchorage Aces, Bakersfield Condors, Colorado Goldkings, Idaho Steelheads, Long Beach Ice Dogs, Phoenix Mustangs, Reno Renegades, Tacoma Sabercats, and Tucson Gila Monsters. My favorite memories of childhood was watching that league.

    I'd love to see this rom too. Played in the playoffs for Tacoma one year and Bakersfield Cali the next season.

  3. Hey Mack, can you post some screen shots? or do you want to keep it a secret till launch day

    Yeah I'll get some up this weekend. Watch my site.

    77- a basic template might come from wboy. He is the only reason I am able to release a complete and awesome 93 hack.

    As for eyes and stick, I'll have to ask clocker and some other fine members who have added cool parts to hacks. I would love to do that though.