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  1. Try me in the evenings after 8pm CST. If you want another specific time, ask and I might be able to do it.
  2. I've posted my schedule up here before (random evenings around 8pm CST, most likely time). What is yours?
  3. Available again tonight for SNES-2. Fell a little behind due to vacation. I just have 4 coaches I need to play, I think.
  4. I will be available to play tonight probably around 8pm CST. Catch me now because I will be on vacation 3/28-4/4. I need to get up to at least 20 games played before I leave to ensure I'll be ahead of the checkpoints. I can be hard to schedule (just ask rc69fab! ) so don't say I'm not giving yall a chance.
  5. AIM messages are absolutely fine (note: I didn't take issue with that). Negativity earns the opposite response. Nothing to see here, move along!
  6. I mean the following: 1) Calling me out (anonymously but obviously) in public forum: See here 2) IM message: "i don't want this to drag on week after week". Must be kidding. We're 10 days in. 3) This thread: "you backed out of playing the games tonight". Already addressed this.
  7. Now then, for everyone else, my availability is random evenings usually between 8pm - 10pm CST. I say random because sometimes I have work to do, I have graduate classes, kids, a loving wife, or any number of other distractions. When the wife is busy (usually twice a week) it's a great time for me to play. Unfortunately that did not happen last week and I had to struggle to hit the checkpoint. Hope to get out in front of the checkpoint a little bit, because I will be in the british virgin isles from 3/28-4/4.
  8. I was there as you know. I sent out 3 simultaneous IMs and Quebec was first on the horn. We played 2 games and then I had to attend to family (have 2 young children). You got an IM directly from me. Please get off my back, I'm getting tired of being hounded. You are the only one trying to give me a hard time. We are 10 days into an 8 week season.
  9. Need to get at least two games in tonight, hopefully several more. If you've been looking for me, I will be there. AIM:gsguyotte (Buffalo Sabres)
  10. I agree with this comment. There is no prize for finishing first. I thought these "seasons" were supposed to be enjoyable, not a 7 day sprint to the finish line. I'll be online when I can be there, keep comfortably in front of the checkpoints, and enjoy the ride while I'm getting my butt kicked around the ice. When it gets a little later, and the games get harder to schedule, we can set up appointments to ensure we get the games played.
  11. Can you explain what I am criticizing please? I'm making an observation that I found interesting. I think this site and leagues are great.
  12. Lol. I knew that would draw someone offsides.
  13. Buffalo is GREAT with me. I needed a good goalie and BUF is #3 in the category. rc69fab, there are definitely some good teams available. Jets and Blues are both top 10 teams if you ask me.
  14. Back to the main point of how to run B leagues this spring. Now it's up to 42 signups for SNES. I think we possibly need to have 3 SNES leagues. I think the practical limit for league size is about 20. This is because there is a big drop-off in team ratings after 20. I think no one should ever have to play as ANA/FLA/NYI/OTT/SJ/TB unless they choose to. Then I would just divvy up the veterans evenly into the 3 leagues, then fill with all the rooks like myself. At the moment, if all players get confirmed (still 14 left to do) we could have 3 leagues of 14, which would be fine. If a bunch of these 14 don't make it, I'd prefer two larger SNES leagues, again no bigger than 20.
  15. This is an explanation of the basic idea of a ladder: http://www.greencourtsoftware.com/essays/clguide.html. Basically, you can start a ladder by ordering people based on previous league results. You move up the ladder by beating people above you. The specifics can vary, but typically you can only challenge someone within X spots higher than yourself. If the lower player wins, they move up. In some versions they might swap spots on the ladder. To make it harder to climb, you can simply advance winners by 1 or 2 spots, and drop losers by the same. This is probably more appropriate for 15 minute hockey games - a single game doesn't tell you much about who is better. It should be calibrated so that you would have to beat someone fairly consistently to get past them. Lots of ways to do it. Imagine a 50 team ladder, where you can challenge up to 20% (10 spots) ahead of you, with winners rising 2 and losers dropping 2 spots. If you then challenge the guy 10 spots ahead, and beat him solidly (4 out of 6), you would rise 4 and he would drop 4. So over the time of about a playoff series, you could pass him or get close to him depending on how often you were winning. Sounds about right - keeps the ladder pretty fluid but it takes time to make your name. What ends up happening is a very natural ordering of the players in a short period of time. It's cool to be able to look at where you stand, and who is close to you, and be able to schedule a game that you know is going to be very competitive.
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