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  1. i'd imagine this would be satisfying, but have you ever actually gone top cheds fuhsta? because in recent gameplay. a blowout and/or shutout was the final result. call me old fashion but can't a guy just go b-down or score on an good ol fashion trickler these days without having a player similar to fuhsta yell "top cheds" everytime he has a shot on net? - biz-nadge
  2. your name is topcheezefuh? until you beat me, i'll refer to you as dustbucketfuh

  3. Of course i only play the SNES. i've only ever successfully pulled off one keg toss, and i've never been able to do it again since we started using manual goalies. i can honestly say the MOST satisfying was that keg toss, but realistically, the wrap around is really the tsn turning point for me in a game. followed by some demolishing hits to the other team after the play. No team can recover from that. -Badge
  4. get at me on twitter. @baadge. chel 94 background #swag

  5. wish hockey had as much demolishing body checking after the play as there is in chel 94

  6. My whole life, I've played offsides off, and it lead to so many break aways that it was just one nerve racking being the manual goalie, but now that me and my friends have begun a ranking system, we've made a group decision that offsides should ALWAYS BE ON. it makes for better game play and a more realistic game. Manual Goalies, offsides on, manual line changes, 20 minute periods. -Badge
  7. A question that has been bugging me my whole nhl 94 career, what is the ULTIMATE best way to score? Me and my friends have many arguments about it. And i personally believe in the wrap around effort, difficult at first, but once mastered, the most satisfying way to score. What are everyones arguments about this contriversial topic -Badger
  8. personally i believe in the one man effort, but my friends do not agree, any arguments at all?
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