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  1. Chris: I believe the work on the faces and font are just a result of me rendering the game using a filter that game with Gens+ so it would look a little smoother and less pixelated. In fact, I didn't edit anything except the Grrrowl logo and jersey colors!

    wboy: I'd love to hear this method for cheating the pallette/hex RGB system, but if it's really that long and complicated then don't bother. Only if you feel like it...

    I updated the game a little bit. Made the ice white and changed the away jerseys to be darker (mostly black but with a purply kind of tint). Here's a new screenshot and the actual Grrrowl Jerseys to compare it against:



    Thanks again to everyone for your help!



    WOW. That looks AMAZING.

  2. No I dont want the crowd meter to go up. I wanted to " create a rom with just a golie vs 5, so I could work on my manual golie skills. "

    But when I did it I couldn't take control of the goalie. and the game became real glitchy. The puck actually became a goalie.

  3. Made an interesting discovery regarding crowd level the other day.

    I was messing around with nose (pause for mandatory props: wboys the man) cause I decided to create a rom with just a golie vs 5, so I could work on my manual golie skills.

    I tried to do this but it wouldnt let me take control of the goalie. Did it work for u ? ? ?

  4. "Hang tight guys. I have received numerous questions and concerns about macks hacks.

    I had my second son last week and am studying for my full-time firefighting exam this

    week so my free time is zilch right now. Some cool surprises as always will be on the way.

    Last updated November 4 2006 - Email or MSN mack at mackhockey@rogers.com

    macks-hacks.com macks hacks nhl roms classic ea sports macks-hacks.com macks hacks nhl roms classic ea sports "

    SURPRISES. Maybe some fighting in 94, or maybe some new ROMs like ECHL or other leagues.

  5. I tried to run NOSE. But it says... "Please Intstall and register the Windows Common Controls ActiveX Control DLL" (mscomctl.ocx). does not exist! I downloaded the that and opened it. But I still get the message. Should I put the files in a certain folder or something ?

  6. The ROM is Great. ;) But I have one problem. They changed the Penguins jersey's. I thought they looked perfect in the 06 version. Now they look too black. But besides that GREAT job. I love the fact they added the new buffalo and anaheim logos/jerseys. Now if we could get some fights in 94. :rolleyes:

    Left: NHL 07 Right: NHL 06


    really all they did was get rid of the gold upper part. But that made all the difference.