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  1. hey pal i have the whole nhl series on wii in .wad with the propper artwork that i created if u ever wanna check it out let me know
  2. i have never seen you online iam on usually in the evenings post a date and time you will be on next and ill be there
  3. i to am missing this nhl.cfg file does anyone have this game thay can pass along the file ?
  4. habs take Guy Hebert
  5. habs take Stephane Richer
  6. habs take Mike Richter
  7. habs take Jaromir Jagr
  8. habs take Shayne Corson
  9. habs select Joel Otto
  10. habs selest Ulf Samuleson
  11. habs take Gordon Murphy
  12. habs take Glen Wesley
  13. habs take Steve Smith
  14. habs take Cam Neely kick his ass Seabass
  15. habs select------ Jeremy Roenick