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  1. I blew a 5-3 lead in the first game too. I think there was 2 mins left. Intense games. I had never played the rom before so it was a new experieince for me. It didn't really make sense to have 3 one goal games and a blow out based on that, I should have been getting better not worse lol.

  2. Just make sure you have the most updated version of firmware and you'll be fine.

    My buddy is playing with flashed firmware, just have to make sure its the right one. The firmware should say if its live compatible. You may get banned, but its a console ban, so you could still use your account at a friends house (if you have a memory card). My friend has been banned once but I know others who haven't been banned.

  3. I got NHL 08 for xbox 360 and was just wondering if any of the fine people who think 94 is the best want to try a completely different experience in NHL 08. I've already setup a league with friends, but if there is interest I'll also setup a league for NHL 94 fanatics (although my friends all love 94 as well).

    Rules will be: 5 minute periods, penalties on , fighting on, speed medium

    Am looking for input on number of games to play each team in the league (1/3/5/7/9/11), but that will also depend on interest.

    Anyways if you have a 360 and get on xbox live gold (if your online its like $6/month).

    Also recommend league name and we'll have a poll later.

  4. Game 4 : Mon 5 vs 3 Buf

    I was up 3-0 but then just ocudln't get it together, my reactions are pretty slow today, good thing this is over. Now time to recouperate in the off-season(even though there isn't one lol) so I can come back strong next year).

    GL Alex and GGS

  5. I didn't quit playing that game, i finished it and he ran up the score so it took forever and then i didn't feel like playing anymore games. It had nothing to do with alex, just frustrating playing with buffalo who sucks and getting no luck whatsoever while he can score from anywhere on the ice.

    Also this league requires you to be able to play udp and i'm playing through laggy tcp games. Get UDP working, like the league requires.

  6. Its not a forfeit, I'm sick, I shouldn't have played any of the games, but I wanted to get them done. But since the fun is gone, I'll leave it to a later date when i don't feel like crap.

    Running up the score at the end of that last game was a class act. Note to everybody, just bail on him.

  7. Has the establish number of teams and format for playoffs been established for each league yet, if not, that should probably happen now. For SNES A, myself and halifax were thinking division leader plus top 2 left from each conference to get the 8 teams (I'm sure this would work for most of the gens leagues). For the smaller SNES B with only the conferences a straight top 4 would work if you wanted 8 of 12.

    EDIT: Obviously best of 7 single elim series, but I think we wanted to go to 8 teams to prevent the regular season from being largely irrelevant to most people.

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