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  1. Game 3: 2-1 philly 1st 2 philly goals 2nd 1 buf goal Game 4: 5-4 ot philly philly first the 2 buf in 1st second buf goes up 4-1 phi scores end of period third phi sores 2 early to tie end of period buf has about 7 wrap around chances. ot after stopping lindros on breakaway he gets one timer and puts it away Game 5: 4-3 buf 1st 2 goals by mogilny 2nd 1 phi mogilny and lafontaine 3rd long 5 on 3 2 phi goals Game 6: 8-2 Philly FUHR was terrible brindamour was a machine d was outta position the entire game I coudl do nothing right this game teh Ai was definately not helping at all, missing breakaway passes they get all season The series basically was full of great defense and great manual goaltending which owned me. I am pretty sure i out chanced him fairly wel, but he handled it well. If I didn't blow the game 4 then I would have probably won. I really think this guy could be going the distance. Great series PaulCoffeySon and I look forward to revenge and to next season.
  2. After 2 weeks of delay the first 2 games finally got underway in Buffalo. Game One: A very defensive affair, where Philadelphia hit several posts after 2 periods was tied 0-0. The third period saw buffalo score one about 2 minutes in, and then an answer by philly. Looked like it was going into OT, but the sabres managed to get one late to take the opener 2-1. Game 2 was a different game, but the intensity was just as high. The scoring opened quickly as mogilny got open. Yet again philly answered in the same period. the second was intense but not much happened. The third had buffalo open the scoring again and things looked good. Philly then took a penalty to make things look better. This was a false sense of security as philly broke out and tied the game up short handed. Then the juggernaut Lindros took the puck up ice and muscled off the entire team and scored to win the game and tie the series up at two. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series, and hope we can get it in.
  3. OK time for me to chime in. I'm all for the reduced playoffs to something like 12 teams, so that the regular season becomes important. A solution to teams at the bottom who become eliminated not playing their games could be: (These are assuming 20 team leagues with 12 making playoffs) 1)Once a relegation or promotion system is in place(if thats what you guys want). Have the bottom 2(or however many) teams relegated to a lower division. This means those guys will play to the bitter end if they want to stay in the higher division. 2)Instead of this (or if no relegation system) have the bottom 8 compete in a playoffs (4 from each conference, seeded by points), to determine who gets first picks in next years team draft, winners get first pick, runner up second, semi finals(tie breaker is points), then first round losers. This will get those teams some playoff positioning of their own, make it competitive while at the same time, giving those guys who played well during the season a different distinction (the top 12 in stanley cup playoffs). Also if a relegation system is used this could be here. 3)For the bottom 8 teams, the team with the most points at end of season gets first pick for teams. Same as above, but no playoffs. That said, anybody who would get an actual ff loss for any reason, SHOULD NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. Ties are a different story.
  4. Ok jsut so you know I'm home early, some classes got cancelled. I'll be on tonight until late (later than you) and tomorrow i'll be on from about 10am-noon pst and about 5pm-midnight pst. THats all the time we;ve been given so let me know.
  5. Just so people know PaulCoffeySon is his aim(and forum name evidently) not PaulCoffeysSon like it says in contacts.
  6. Also can somebody give me links to the working versions for both? THe version I've got has netplay disabled and i can't find the lan function
  7. Eww just played a game on SNES9.x can't get the screen to a size i like, if i stretch its too wide, if i don't its too small.
  8. alternatively, whoever recorded the saves, can record them with a different program(fraps or something simliar) to convert to a different format, either way works.
  9. Meh your leagues is full halifax, don't worry if it is him or somebody else.
  10. He can only play in TCP. This is fine for alot of games but in some cases tcp will lead to lag and or sync problems (playing 2 different games). Since neither is really worth playing through the only way this will get done is if paulcoffeyson can figure out how to get udp working, so I don't get the client found problem.
  11. I'm here anytime now. Leave me a message and I'll get to it when i see it, my aim will be on all night.
  12. given the new rules, if somebody isn't on aim they will be remoed next eyar so this liekly won't be an issue either way. i think maybe we just need people to post availability rather than who they need to play (or both)
  13. Victoria, we won't get as much and it won't last long. More reports to come, but maybe in another thread.
  14. Lol so we finally got a good tcp connection going and we're out of sync. Hes up 2-0 against a retarded oppoenet and i'm up 4-0 against a retarded opponent lol. I really am at wits end here.
  15. True story, I'm rusty on my comp sci knowledge, I'm in business now I don't need to be smart lol.
  16. Ya like I said above, I have done all those steps as far as port forwarding, and know I can connect using UDP, its strictly his side. I have no idea what kind of environment he's in but hopefully he can get access to his router. Otherwise, unbearable lag it is. The reason UDP is better is because its more forgiving. In TCp packets must arrive in order and all packets must arrive. UDP lets things get a little chaotic, but in the case of video games and streaming video, its hardly noticable.
  17. I have conncected succesfully with udp many times, so i'm pretty sure its not me. PaulCoffeySon is liekly behind a router, but he doesn't know, so I'm assuming wouldn't know how to change options.
  18. PaulCoffeySon is having problems with udp. I would assume this is because of port forwarding, but I can't be sure. We both have been able to play other people and it was fine. So we have only used tcp so far and its no good. I do know my router isn't really doing anything as i have it dmz'd when i play sometimes if I run into problems. I don't really have the option of plugging directly in because there are other people who need the internet more than me playing games. I will be at a friends house this weekend that might fix the problem(although hes in the same area). EIther way if we can have an extension to the weekend it will be appreciated. We will play through the lag if we have to.
  19. I know I invited roenick over for dinner. But only cuz modano was paying.
  20. This weekend maybe. Can you try palying a game with him and see if it works.
  21. I think we can all agree brett hull is a dick nhl 94 or not grats cash money
  22. Is this advance play of the 3rd round, meaning hokkeefan is in the cup of snes B?
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