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  1. Well, if he doesn't reply about his availability fairly soon, I would like to get this league's team back on track in the GP (games played) department. I know I am line jumping and don't mean to step on toes at all, but I do understand the pace and time commitment of the Genesis Draft League. I think you guys also know for the most part that I am pretty available for playing games often.

    Plus they have Theo Fleury. :)

  2. Good point. The first members of the nhl94.com hotel will probably be somewhat preselected and battle-tested, but you're right. As things grow we'll probably need/want an uber-administrator, whose job would be to watch the leagues from the 30,000-foot level to make sure the admins are doing their jobs and the seasons are running smoothly.

    Glad to see this issue addressed- and glad to know the admin team will not just be letting anyone at random create leagues. :)

  3. Was in the process of getting some web forms up for nhl91.com to hold standings for a league, but this sounds cool, when do you think this will bear fruit Evan?

    A NHL '91 league would be great fun, using your wonderful ROM that you spent hours on...judging by the response to your creation, I don't think you would have trouble filling up a 20-team, NHL '91 league (I know there are 21 teams, but 20 seems like a round number of teams easiest to handle).

    I also wouldn't mind seeing a NHL '94/2007 ROM league using the www.nhl94.com template (instead of www.leaguedaddy.com) and featuring Mack's new Playoff Edition ROM hack that is on the way very soon.

    I'm interested to see who will be first to create their own league with the website template...

    Ugh, #582. What do I have to do? :)

  4. Is getting very close to being done.

    About 7 teams to adjust their lines and a few graphical changes and updates and it will be released.

    Wow, this is great news, really looking forward to seeing this Mack! If one of the 7 teams needed for line adjustments is Calgary, let me know, I have their most current lines burned into my brain cells.

    Can't wait for the release! :)

  5. Evan,

    This is a fantastic idea. I know that I've been thinking lately about starting my own league, but hardly have the time or knowledge of coding/html to do so. The league that I am most interested is the league that you run, the '94 Classic League. I think we could get the 2007 Spring League off the ground (with your authorizing copyright blessings), there seem to be enough people willing to volunteer their time to get it done- so many players were anxiously waiting for this season and would probably still love to try and play it (or something very similar to it), as the leagues on this site seem to hold the most merit in the community.

    - League Name (Classic NHL '94 2007 Spring League (pending official authorization))

    - Console (Genesis console)

    - League/Conf/Div Setup (a minimum of 20 teams, depending on how much interest from players; the league, conference and division alignment would really be decided once the league interest is taken and teams are selected)

    - Schedule (this would be decided once the number of member clubs would be determined; somewhere around the 40-game mark would be realistic)

    - Playoff Setup (the top 8 teams in each conference, by point total, would qualify for the playoffs)

    - What ROM to use (original NHL '94 ROM)

    - In-Game Settings (5 minute periods, penalties on, no offsides, line changes are off)

    - How to draft teams (draft selection would be at random, with each interested player submitting a list of team preference)

    - Automatically would get an area on the forums

    - You would assign your own "admin team" (an "admin team" consisting of highly-respected members of this community that would be interested and willing to be part of the league)

  6. Jamonica and my discussion was about T. Fleury, he was god like in the game we played and I told him too bad he wasn't like that in real life

    I didn't care in the slightest that you made comments about Fleury not being good, that was not the issue. You showed poor sportsmanship in my opinion: You didn't say good game after our exhibition. You IMed me after every goal I scored and called them garbage (trash-talking is great, but we had never even spoken before). You follow with a post-game rant about Fleury not being good in real life. I asked you if you would like to play another game, without engaged in any talk about your trash-talking and Fleury's talents, and you sign off on me. For someone who had just joined the community and was looking for exhibition games, I thought the way you handled things was fairly poor.

    I am way past being over this, but just for the facts:

    Theoren Fleury career statistics:


    Games played- 1,084

    Goals- 455

    Assists- 633

    Points- 1,088

    Penalty minutes- 1,840


    Games played- 77

    Goals- 34

    Assists- 45

    Points- 79

    Penalty minutes- 116

    A point-per game player for the span of a 1,000-game career is fairly decent in my estimation. And a point-per game player in the playoffs says even more. I know that he is no Gretzky, Lemieux, or NHL great, but the guy had a little game in "real life," too.

  7. Jamonica see http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic...amp;#entry15524 for a better explanation of the supposed beef between me and EA.

    WAGS13, you're right, I don't have any prior knowledge of your supposed beef with Eric Anthony. I'm not really sure how that changes a fairly poor attitude shown by you when we've played in the past? Unless you just mean that your poor sportmanship is consistant from game-to-game? :P

  8. With that said, here's a suggestion, Douche-Bigelow, why don't you come back from your vacation in Wacky Land and make an attempt to get along with some people around here? Don't promote you're this great player before you've even played people here... and then when you lose (repeatedly) tell someone "pfft... you're not that good anyway". Who wants a guy around like that?

    So Wags has done this to you too, EA? Not extremely classy.

  9. JacketsNash said:

    ATLANTIC DIVISION- Carolina, NY Rangers, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay

    NORTHEAST DIVISION- Buffalo, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Islanders


    CENTRAL DIVISION- Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Minnesota, Nashville

    PACIFIC DIVISION- Anaheim, Calgary, Edmonton, San Jose, Vancouver

    These are the divisions


  10. More realistic? Yes. Hopelessly annoying and frustrating? Very. This is NHL 94. AI Players get caught offsides too often and the ice surface is too small for this to work right.

    Agreed- and I'm someone who likes the video game to be as 100-percent realistic as possible. I will go with whatever the league braintrust decides to do, however, Logan makes a very good point; and we have seen this debate in prior occurance with the Genesis Draft League. The AI players in NHL94 get caught offsides too much to the point where it recognizably disrupts the flow of the game. Not to mention that it does get very annoying and frustrating when all the players seem to hang out at the blueline, one gets knocked off-sides and your whole offensive rush goes for not. Then it happens again. And again.

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