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  1. Nevermind I just searched all over the website and realized its probably not possible, Sorry for the duplicate post. My bad
  2. Is there any way to make it a 4 team tree? I only have 6 teams in my rom and hate when I do a playoff Im playing nhl teams. Thanks in advance
  3. I'm aware that you can Change the number of teams selectable in the main window, but my question is is it possible to lets say move the Kings and Flyers down to the first two spots. So if I selecte 3 teams or so I can have those teams in it as apposed to just the first 3 teams?
  4. I mean its not big deal I have it in black and white, I just kinda want it to work for other things
  5. wait just thought is it a problem running from widows xp
  6. i unziped and its not on network
  7. there it is but its not as a bmp I couldn't put that up
  8. did it and still saying file size zero file to small I even reinstalled the program twice
  9. I used the bure picture as a templete 256x224 saved it as 24 bite bmp in photoshop
  10. I have been working with a rom and changed a few things and now when I try to open it up in NOSE it will not work it says does not appear to be a supported rom. Any idea? I know I messed up I just don't know what.
  11. Hey when I run the program I get an error that says the picture is too small and shows the file size is 0 any way to fix it
  12. Hey I pmed you. THANKS ALOT!
  13. I am new here and I am trying to figure this whole thing out. I am making my mens hockey team in nhl 94. I have a rom that I edited and put all our names and numbers in. I prefer sega but I made the team on an snes rom. I am looking to edit the center Ice logo to my teams logo. Lucky for me our logo is just a "C" The problem is that I can't figure out any of the hex editing. I have tried tilemolester and hexworkshop and tlp but I only see random colors. I have seen parts of players but I can't find the team logos and I have no clue even if I find it how to edit it. Any help would be great and much appreciated. Thanks again to everyone on here I found some really cool things and i am really interested in editing the roms.