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  1. Why does everyone use Gens? I have it flickers and small lag when scrolling the screen. How to fix it? Gens and rom - http://www.nhl94online.com/downloads/Gens_Complete.zip. OS: W8x64. Video lags - http://ru.twitch.tv/landstalker88/b/444487965 When using Kega Fusion everything is perfect.
  2. Player Stats and League Leaders, doesn't work for all so?
  3. there are active players from Russia? or at least the Russian-speaking...
  4. kingraph:find please, I will wait =)
  5. Oilers442: thanksI wait still for comments =)
  6. Hello guys why the whole world plays nhl94, instead of on nhl97 or nhl98? In what secret of success 94? nhl94 is better than nhl98? Sorry for bad English...
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