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  1. Let the truth be known guys, i was the anonymous competitor. However they are a few facts from the story that must be revealed. - I did have a very good scoring opportunity, but Gary Roberts decided he didn't want to score, only hit the post - I did not throw my control down in a rampage, simply walked away in disgust - I am infact a better player than badge, and i was very frustrated thus, didn't come up with anything better then "your being lame" I have a problem with this style of play because personaly i would never stoop low enough to do it. Having said that though, its prefectly legal and if badge feels he needs to win games like this, than he's gotta do whats hes gotta do to gain respect. In my opinion when i have the lead, i like to go for the "kill" if you will, and score a few more gene dogs. I don't believe the creators (god like figures) of nhl 94 meant for the game to be played the way badge plays it. But thats just me. I respect badge's victory and won't take anything away from it. He played to win and in doing so, was indeed "the gay one".
  2. Maybe im old-fashioned, but can't you just enjoy this great game as it is. No adjustements need to be made.
  3. Now that this anonymous loser has become and anonymous winner, will he come forth and identify who he really is. I am of course assuming he is a current member of Maybe he can tell us what really happend that bleek evening in which he suffered a humiliating loss to the computer. Please don't be embarrased anonymous loser/winner, whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.......makes you a stronger person that is, not a better chel player, although it seems like you need to become a better chel player.
  4. Just wondering if most of you have "your" own team. You know, the team that you usually play with, specially in big games against other chel 94 vets. This is not to be confused with the best team in the game thread. While i have my own team that i usually play with, sometimes i like to switch it up, even in tournments and ranking games if you will. But some of my other opponents feel that if i change my team, i can't go back to them and that team is up for grabs for whomever would like to claim them. So do most of you have "your" own team??? If so, are you ever allowed to play with another????
  5. I do enjoy close games with the computer. Personally, whenever i play the computer i only try for hard goals. You know, like one timers, or a slap shot comming across the crease from a distance. In my opinion, its just to easy to beat the computer if you do a nice deek every breakaway, or do a wrap around. While playing like this does produce much closer games for myself against the comp, i (like Mr. Baron) can't remember loosing to the computer. I hope your anonymous friend stays undercover, as it will be a sad day for him when the public finds out who he really is. Forever hold your head in shame anonymous loser.........
  6. Fast fact: Badger has held #1 ranking for a total of 6 days. Chel rankings have been in affect for 43 weeks now.
  7. Let the truth be known badge is currently #3 in our chel rankings. #3 out of a possible three rankings meaning he is last................ As far as the losing goes, i take a loss like a man. Keep my wits about me and use it as motivation for my next chel battle.
  8. Thats a lot of honorable mentions. As well, depth is only if some of the players on your bench have lots of skills. While many of the players you mentioned turned out to be great hockey players, they were not great players in the game (i.e. Gerald Diduck 56 and Petr Nedved 60). 60 and a 56 rating does not consititute as depth in my books.
  9. They did win a cup(s) with many of these fixtures....... see Colorado Avalanche. Definately not even close as far as best team in the game though Mr. Baron.
  10. GARY!!!!.............. When Gary Roberts scores, its appropriate to yell out "gary!"
  11. As mentionned by a perhaps cloudy minded baron, the habs are a great team. While they don't boast the most talented laiden line-up, its hard to argue against them. Damphousse, Bellows hold their own up front although they definately could use more of an offensive touch. Desjardin and Schnider are a sturdy yet offensive pairing on the back end. But really this is all a moot point unless you factor Muller and Roy into the mix. Muller and Roy are debatedly the best at their respective positions and each can take control of a game in an instance. The only other potential combo that could match up to the is JR and Belfour. But lets be honest. JR doesn't match up to Kirk.