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  1. I dunno if this is the place to request this, but I really want to see this happen. If I'm off base, please tell me where to put this topic. The last time I've seen a Sega NCAA Hockey update was in 2007, and as you might expect, a LOT has changed since then. I know there's a bunch of college hockey fans on this board, so I figure why not collaborate on an update for NCAA hockey to last us another 5-7 years or so? I've already got the 30 teams I want in mind (Top 20 as of last season's year-end rankings), plus another 10 of my personal picks. I can't edit since I don't know how (and I wouldn'
  2. Hello, I'm new to these forums but a longtime NHL '94 player. Proudest accomplishment was beating Patrick Roy for 9 goals as Detroit back when in high school. I'm a HUGE college hockey fan, and all I really want is a great college hockey ROM on Genesis with changes that reflect this year's NCAA hockey realignment. I can't do it myself since I don't know how to edit, but if there's somebody willing to teach me, or if somebody shares the same passion for college hockey I do, then I would love nothing more than to see that.
  3. Not a bad ROM, just needs some more work to be truly great. I like seeing good College Hockey efforts like this. Small things like logos (which aren't easy, I know) more teams, and alpha order for teams.