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  1. Yes I totally understand NHL 94 lord .what is basically comedown to is that nhl94 lord asked his question in his comments box ., my self gave my input on what I know about the game cool . I totally see real life hockey to a existent in the videogame when I play ,as well my self is new to the website.
  2. Possibility both in a way. But that's where you all would have your input. My reason being I played hockey in my life as well my self a totally obsessed fan of the NHL. My point is I have a tremendous amount of knowledge for the game and being a fan I feel I know a lot about players in the NHL. So my question is that help in anyway playing the NHL series? I did grow up playing the old NHL 93 threw 95 . I have no intention as coming of cocky or rude . I am most 100 % sure I would get my A ... handed to me from a lot of players on this website .as you can tell I am new too this website as well
  3. Goodbyeccha that some pretty great work man . You got some talent , Have you had any ideas from people? possible Zamboni between periods? Fans throwing hats on the ice after a trick ? The famous octopus throwing at the Joe Lewis. Totally looking forward to seeing More of your work .
  4. The forecheck or as foreign couching call it floor check . I will give you a monument to to think why defensive play made in the offensive zone with the objective of applying pressure to the opposing team to regain control of the puck] Forechecking is generally executed in one of three situations: recovery of the puck after a dump in, after the rebound on a scoring attempt, or immediately after a turnover to regain possession. Forechecking can be aggressive or conservative depending on the coaching style and on the skating skills of the players. Aggressive forechecking strategies are more sui
  5. Hey thanks Peruukki. Still getting a hang of this website. As well kicking my own A$$ for just joining know . Happy gaming all.
  6. Welcome to a sold out Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Redwings

  7. Psycho Miller If you are for real, and actually want to take the time to understand , learn , and practice it . I my self could be of huge service. As well Psycho it would help your game play out as well . Get back to me if you like . Good luck & definitely happy playing !!
  8. Def. Awareness: This attribute affects how much a player pays attention to protecting the defensive end of the ice. This includes better ability to take away passing lanes, lower susceptibility to being deked and greater effort on the back check , floor check or the technical work forechecking The ability applies To both forwards & defensemen. Players that excel in Def. Awareness are highly used on the penalty kill