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  1. I was newly married in the early 90's and me and 4 buddies played a lot of Madden, but when the OG, 93 and then <heavenly music> NHL '94 came out, it was OVER.  We didn't play anything else.  Then we got the 4-play adapter, and it got better.   Then we got the CD version and it got even BETTER.  The only thing that could have made it better, we said, was to be able to edit/move/create players.

    After a couple of years, the wives tired of it, we all moved apart, and we stopped playing.  

    Fast-forward to 2015.  I moved home to CA from Hawaii.  I stumble upon this website and learn that you actually CAN edit/move/create players (and more).  Me and one of my buddies re-draft the entire league and burn it to a CD and play on a SegaCD bought on Ebay.  Brilliant.  The only problem was trying to hook it up to modern TV's (nothing but HDMI inputs on the back of the TV, only coaxial outputs on the Sega).  Then we learned of all the programs that people have created to edit players/teams/etc.  It made re-drafting and creating a new league much easier.  We kept a logbook of every game and stat.  Played a whole season and playoffs. 

    Then someone created the stat-extractor.  Now we have literally every stat the game keeps and we keep it in a spreadsheet.  We are on our 14th season of doing this.  Covid hits, and we now play via Parsec.

    I'm 50 now, and haven't tired of this in the least. 




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  2. 3 hours ago, smozoma said:

    Alternatively, it might work if you apply the 'simple' weight bug fix and if that also adds the check stats (I forget if it does...) then you would just go in and do the reverse of the "SIMPLE WEIGHT BUG FIX" to restore the weight bug but keep the check stat.

    Yes, that is how I had to do it.  The SmozROM doesn't seem (to me anyway) to be able to have BC stats without the WBF.  I ran it thru the WBF hack applicator and it seems to have done the trick.


    Thanks to everyone that makes this game better!

  3. I'm trying to hack a rom, using SMOZROM, but when I'm done it doesn't have the bodycheck stats; it still has PIM.  

    When I go thru questions in the SMOZROM, it never asks me if I want to add BC stats, and at the end it's listed under "OMIT" (hack not applied).

    I know that I have solved this on previous roms I've made, but I can't remember how I got it to work.

  4. On 4/4/2020 at 6:52 AM, chaos said:

    No it does not. I will update this this week, thanks for reminding me!

    Man, I can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this.  You and all of the others (like Smoz) who have written all of these programs; whatever time you put into it just makes me like this community more and more.

    Also, if it ever comes to it that you are able to add batch conversion to the extractor, I'll be able to die in peace.

  5. Ok, after about two weeks of trying (when our schedules linked up) a buddy and I finally got Netplay to work.  YAY!  

    His graphics are passable, but mine are glitchy.  BOOO!

    It seems to have small 'rewinds' and plays seem to play out different ways.  It's like I can see two or three options of something happening, but he just sees one.  Sometimes I'll score a goal (it will just last for a blip) but then it shows the puck getting stopped, and then it's suddenly somewhere else.  I'll hear a whistle when his goalie has it (like play has stopped), but then it shows that it hasn't stopped.  

    I've hooked my laptop directly to the router with a data cable and have excellent internet speed (285Mbps per Speedtest.net).  

    Any idea what will fix this?  I"m guessing I've just got some setting wrong.

    The attached video shows how jumpy everything is.

  6. 14 minutes ago, kingraph said:

    The only thing I can add that is interesting here is that the game doesn't have any 5/6 shots in the standard players.  It's all 4/6 or 5/5 for the best shots (or 6/3 if you love Hull).  I wonder if 5/6 creates some wonky effect?  But I agree, on paper Brent should be lighting up the f'in lamp.  

    We've created a lot of other players, even one named after myself, and one after my buddy.  Some of them are fantastic shooters, some are just backups.  The player named after my buddy is a 6 weight, 5/6 speed/agility, 5/6 SHP/SHA.  He's always one of the first players drafted.  He seems to shoot how you'd think he would.   

  7. Here's our season 11 scorebook (that's what we call it).  Most of this wouldn't be possible without your (Smoz) hacks, the NHL Stat Extractor, NOSE, EARE, etc.  


    Season 1 was actually back in 2016.  We did a draft and placed all the players/teams on a CD; we seem to like the consistency of the CD version better than the ROM, but it's SO much easier to edit the teams with all the hacks that everyone has made for the ROM and PC play (with an HDMI going to a good TV.  Season 1 had to be played on some old tv because we didn't have any way to attach the SegaCD system we were using to a modern TV.  

    The scorebook autotmatically updates each team's YTD stats when I paste the save-state stats from the NHL Stat Extractor.  

    The "Red' teams are my buddy's, the 'Blue' teams are mine.


    I'd love to hear what you think of all of this.  

    Season 11 FINAL.xlsx

  8. 1 minute ago, kingraph said:

    That's actually my point.  I assume the difficulty in getting past 30 isn't from the individual hot/cold players, but it's when the game goes into haywire mode -- defense AI is all over you like a cheap suit, they get to all loose pucks and are flying all over, successfully checking you, while your team is always skating in the wrong direction, running into each other, missing the net, passing blind, etc.  It's those moments, which I have called "momentum", that determine your success.  In a world record attempt, you will undoubtedly encounter a period of time where it's just impossible to score and you can FEEL the computer is about to score on you no matter what.  It doesn't matter if JR is Hot or Cold during that time...it ain't happenin'!  The length of time that "haywire mode" lasts, what causes it, what prevents it, etc. is somewhat of a mystery and will be the biggest factor in your success at the record (next to being able to score slappers/dekes/crease-cuts).  The same thing is true in human vs human games.  There's a scale, and sometimes it's tilted one way and sometimes the other throughout the game.  Sometimes it's for a period or so, sometimes it's tilted one way the entire game!  The degree of tilt can be major or minor.  I definitely picture a RAM byte going -99 to +99 that represents "momentum" lol.  

    In our seasons, this tends to be the most frustrating thing when playing against another player; it's like you have to just ride it out, and wait for that 'haywire' period to end.  

    In previous seasons we had the "Home Adv" set to 'HIGH', and the "Away Adv" set to 'High'.  It seemed like the 'haywire' stuff was worse.  I set all the HAM's to 'Average' and it doesn't seem to be as pronounced.

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  9. On 3/21/2020 at 8:44 AM, smozoma said:

    That's right, each player on the team gets a separate random bonus from a table. So if you make a team with all players the same, they likely won't all feel the same (barring crazy coincidence of all random values being the same)

    Also right, the edit lines and team roster and Ron bar screen ratings etc are wrong, they used a different random table. I made a hack that fixes it so it's consistent, and another that removes the bonuses so players are always the same. I also made a hack that made players hot/cold on each individual attribute, but it felt really weird, the players lost their "feels/identities".

    Ya, I used your hack (fantastic work, btw!), and fixed the hot/cold and edit lines ratings.  

    I haven't done a scientific study or anything, but me and a buddy have been playing this since '93, and maybe it just seems this way, but certain players 'never' seem to be in the upper end of what they could be.  

    We've been doing a two-person league for several years now (we're on our 12th season actually) where we draft most of the players onto our franchises (we have 12 each) that we always keep, then play a 12-game season; all of my teams play all of his teams once, and vice-versa.  We even hacked it so that all teams have the exact same Home/Away modifiers hoping to take away any benefit to either one of us having a 'better' HAM.  We track every stat possible (using the stat extractor) and keep records for every game.


    Long story short, some people *seem to be* up at the high end of what's possible more often than not, and some seem to be at the low end more often than not.  Maybe it's one of those things where you only remember the times that the statistics go against you....


    Another interesting question that is somewhat related: in our league we have created a few players to add to the player pool and named them after people we know.  We've made one guy, "Brent" for example, that is a 5/6 shooter, but ends up having a lousy shot.  Murray Craven has a much better shot!  You'd think he'd be like JR or AM, but he's a total bust.  Any ideas why he isn't a supreme shooter?  I can send you the .bin file to see what I mean.  Below is a screenshot of his attributes.  Do you see something that would make him a lousy shooter?  I mean, he has power (rarely, actually), but never seems to get off a good one-timer or wind up like a Lindros or a Lemieux.  SHM!  We have several players like this: It seems like something in their code is making them not be nearly as good as another player with similar attributes.


    Brent Wood.jpg

  10. A friend and I have just started a season where we've re-drafted and re-assigned 24 teams using '94 Sega CD (5 forwards, 3 def, 1 goalie) and play with line changes off. We're keeping track of about every stat we can. We are into week 4. Each of my teams (I have 12 and he has 12) plays each of his teams. If a player ever gets injured we use dice to determine if it is a multi-game injury.

    It seems to me that Gartner and Roenick get injured the most. We are now going to keep track of how many times any player gets hurt and who did the injuring.

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