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  1. @mort1237 very much appreciate what you guys are doing in the Windy City. I hope other similarly motivated individuals will start meeting up in their own respective communities to drive interest in this timeless classic. On another note, hopefully you can get an additional player or 2 to make the journey with you guys in February. Thanks, Trojan
  2. I must have neglected to post this here, but we did lock down another sponsor. If you are planning on playing Tecmo with us Friday night, free pizza will be provided courtesy of Titletown Financial Services LLC. Mike and Mike(can't make this up) from TFS will be playing Tecmo with us, and it's possible one of the Mikes will be with us for NHL94 as well. You are encouraged to ask them questions about finance, to distract them during your games with them, which should ultimately get you a win. Thanks Mike and Mike!
  3. Edge of 94' WI

    NHL 2000 problem - face palette

    If someone has the answer great, but keep in mind this is site focused on NHL94 and other 16 bit 90's hockey versions, and not the PC versions 2K and beyond. I'm not saying your question can't be answered, or someone here doesn't have the answer, just understand the audience. I hope you can find your answer bud. Peace.
  4. He's coming back! Yes Ahman Green the Packers all time leading rusher will be there to play and commentate with us all weekend long!
  5. Here's a map on our represented states so far.
  6. Went live to discuss tournament prizes and sponsorships tonight. Skip ahead a few minutes if you want to skip the awesome NHL94 Sega CD music.
  7. Edge of 94' WI

    NES RBI Online Tournament

    Yeah I don't play RBI often, like not enough to improve between attempts. That being said I played in a fun tournament held by the Retro Sports Gamer. You had to pick the retro game out of a chip in a bag to determine what game you were playing. The games in play were RBI Baseball for NES, NBA Jam TE for Genesis, NHL94 for Genesis, and Tecmo Super Bowl for NES. Angryjay and I were arguably the best two NHL94 players present, but that means jack when you pull out a chip for RBI against RBI studs. I did share the link in their Discord. I know they focus hard on regular local meetups.
  8. Edge of 94' WI

    NES RBI Online Tournament

    I know quite a bit of people that play locally, and are excellent at this game. Perhaps if we can use this to bring them into the community a bit deeper. Most of them are Chicago guys that I competed with along with @angryjay93 this past weekend. Although you guys are probably using Retroarch, there is a much better online experience to be had using the Brudtopia emulator that we use to play Tecmo Super Bowl. If you already have port forwarding setup for RA, you can tell the program to host using the same emulator. There is also a record/playback feature in the emulator for those that want to try that. This is the emulator I use for our online Tecmo Super Bowl tournament play, and as long as people are wiring in, it plays like a dream. Here's a link for anyone that wants it. Create a folder in the c:\users directory and call it "user" without the quotes. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1t965NBt-1kbgtkySlstRJFnKyOh4IXCm
  9. Another Tecmo related update, but this is a big deal for us. We are happy to announce that the winner of the Tecmo Super Bowl tournament Feb 22nd will win automatic free entry into the Tecmo Players Championship April 6th. This tournament is run by the legendary Mort, and is a stacked high stakes marathon tournament. This is valued at $100, we are currently the first and only tournament in 2019 awarded this privilege. Don't wait and get signed up today! tinyurl.com/2019NHL94
  10. I've been told our friend @MikeGartner22 will be joining us and has booked his flight already. I'm sure his signup will come later this week officially. It's always great when we add a 1st time player from our long established community!
  11. Our friends at Press Start Games have donated gift cards to be given away during NHL94 tournament. Their store is amazing, and they also gave us very low priced Genesis hardware to add to our capacity.
  12. We secured a huge sponsorship prize given to use by Player 2 Arcade Bar for available to win by anyone daring enough to compete in the Friday night February 22nd Tecmo Super Bowl tournament! Want to win this signed jersey? Just compete for $10 more with your paid 94 tournament entry, and you have a chance to win this by drawing!
  13. We are giving away an awesome Wayne Gretzkey Kings McFarlarlane's figure. Head on over to Facebook to see how to win this great prize, while helping us spread the word on the tournament!
  14. We are helping a fellow tournament player(Ryan Murdock aka Ryan Kent) by spreading the word on his family member's cancer benefit in Green Bay. We are going to award free entry to someone who share's our post on Facebook, and for every paid entry between now and Jan 23rd, we will be donating $10 to the cause, up to $150. Please go to this post and share it, and tag Edge of 94 WI using the "@" so we know you heard about it from us. https://www.facebook.com/events/266645277532014/permalink/288425945353947/ is the link to the benefit. If you can't attend the benefit but wish to donate something to be raffled or make a donation, make a post on that event thread so you can be directed on how to make a donation. Thanks for your help buds, they sure could use some.
  15. Thanks to all who took advantage of the early bird signup! As it stands January 1st, we have 17 players already signed up/paid, which is just under half of our total turnout last time. The prize drawings for early signup will be conducted and distributed the day of the tournament. In the coming days and weeks, we will be aggressive on social media, trying to get the word out. Those that help us in our cause will have additional opportunities to win prizes. Please stay tuned on our social media platforms. Descriptions of what to do with a specific post will be on said post. Things like tagging friends in posts, sharing the post, commenting, and ultimately, if a tagged person signs up will all increase your chances of winning said prize. This will be spelled out clearly, and the giveaways will be done on Facebook live. If you haven't yet, please like us on Facebook, and mark yourself going or interested on our event page for "Barry Melrose Place" https://www.facebook.com/gbnhl94/ is our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/485900961920955/ is our event page. @trojanvoice is the Twitter account to follow. And of course, commenting on this thread is always appreciated, keeping it relevant and visible to the community at large.