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  1. I love the effort and attention to detail that gets poured into these individual roms. With the exception of a league custom rom, or the annual roster refresh roms, I don't deviate from the main games very often. I'm sure there are rom junkies out there that need another fix. Just realize, not unlike dozens of roms before it, this may and likely will end up on the shelf, unless you or someone else runs a league with it. I don't know what goes into doing all of this, just understand that most players will slip back into OG roms for that consistency factor, especially when training for a live event. Good luck in the process!
  2. Do you think the Raptors fans will be gone in time?
  3. @angryjay93, and a number of other Tecmo players have been doing a weekly broadcast covering the most competitive games of the 2019 GBLAN(my organization) Online Tecmo Super Bowl tournament that we do annually now. The games are played in advance, and we utilize the emulator's recording/playback feature that creates a very small file. That file uses the emulator to play back the action. It's about 95% effective. We take that, plug it into the emulator, and call the action while recording using OBS. I use the screen sharing feature of Discord to bring in the audio for my color commentators. I'm not sure if there is a similar feature built into the likes of RA, but we could work with a raw video file, should someone send me the link for it. Doing this live would be a s**t show. Doing the recording, then premiering it on a notable channel with eyeballs would be ideal. This year we partnered with The Retro Sports Gamer Channel on Youtube. The response has been very good so far. Here is an example of that. It's Tecmo, not NHL94, but the same concept could be brought to the NHL94 community, should we settle on how we capture the games being played. I don't see this working as a live endeavor.
  4. Is there any interest in having this league covered with commentary?
  5. Welcome bud! It's a great day for NHL94, whatever your preferred flavor. This site is a great resource for getting connected to the online leagues, as well as for finding local tournaments, custom roms, rom hacking, and detailed team breakdowns from expert players. Let us know what you're looking for if you can't find it.
  6. For the foreseeable, we have transitioned our tournament streaming over to the Retro Sports Gamer Youtube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_b9V5HP0eJZyLuhuEmDf_g They do have a Twitch channel as well, but YT is where they seek to grow. I do have a personal Twitch channel that I'll occasionally stream any number of games, including NHL94. And then we do also have our facebook page that we stream from for announcements or other related videos.. https://www.facebook.com/gbnhl94
  7. To those that don't know, @Scatterbrainzz is the brainchild behind the name "Lord Manly's Cup", and the person most directly responsible for encouraging me to run NHL94 tournaments. The irony here is that he's only attended 1/4 Green Bay tournaments.
  8. I want to hear more about the gay frogs @kgman
  9. You may have an uphill battle awaiting you, but I wish you the best in your search. Finding games for NHL94 while in a dedicated NHL94 Discord channel can be challenging at times(varying schedules, existing league commitments, ). My experience has been most people seem to get their games in via league play. Being isolated from a dedicated community for 98 obviously compounds your challenges here. I believe many have moved onto Retroarch, if you'll head over to http://nhl94online.com/ you can get the downloads people use there. Get connected to the NHL94 Discord https://discord.gg/kvYSWWC, make some friends, and start playing NHL94(not 98) at first. Perhaps if you've put in enough time with some buds, they might be willing to try a NHL98 rom with you. Just don't force feed it to them at first. After some time, I was able to get a couple guys to try out Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition. At this time I'm not aware of any dedicated community around the 98 ROM, otherwise I'd steer you in that direction. I don't personally play 1998, but if you're around on Discord, my handle is Trojan #1343. Maybe we can give it a try.
  10. @kingraphs reputation has been damaged by his glorification of Peter Bondra, more so than any boxing scheme.
  11. I wanted to provide an update on the stats tracking. A couple of spreadsheet glitches are leading us to go through each of the score sheets by hand. These glitches had no impact on tournament day action. This is a lengthy process that requires quite a bit of time and investigation to fill in the blanks, as there were a handful of games where people didn't turn in sheets and verbalized their results. We know the results of this will have impact on the world rankings list that @smozoma maintains, and we want to make sure the results are accurate. Post tournament I've been extremely busy at work and in family life, so Ref and I do ask for your patience.
  12. I'd like to pretend that I'm some sort of streaming wizard, but it's actually quite simple. Within Discord, you can share your screen with another person during a voice or video call. The person recording(preferably the play by play person) makes the call. The audio is captured by OBS or whatever your preferred streaming software is. Make sure to use the full on Discord application on your PC, not the web page version. The person providing color commentary will be able to see everything that the streamer is seeing, however the audio outside of the voice call won't be heard by the color commentator. They have to take their cues from the play by play guy, and what they see on the screen. Here is an example of the Tecmo online series we did with varied color commentators. There are several games, all with different impact. I used editing software to mash all of these up, but a single broadcast can be done quite easily. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/286488312
  13. @kingraph If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can make the channel "Prime" as well which extends the length of time broadcasts stay up there. @smozoma is correct that you can create a full highlight, which would preserve any comments made at their appropriate timestamps.
  14. Thanks @IAmFleury'sHipCheck aka EA for the kind words and praise. Some updates from the benefit to share on here. Huge thanks to Gregg from Game Trade in DePere for his generous donation to help the family of Michelle Michy Boyd! Michy is no longer with us, but her memory lives on! Also, congrats to Kevin Cabarello for winning free entry into our 2020 tournament weekend, as well as winning a one night stay in Green Bay, TBD based on where we hold the next tournament.(Sorry no more Edge VR for us it seems) Many generous individual donors contributed, bringing our collected total over $500 for Michy's family! Kevin, who remains in our prayers, was also recently affected by cancer, as his GF and former tournament participant Bert passed away this past week. We wish all the best to all those affected, and our hearts are with you.
  15. Ok, so the news segment wasn't fully completed, and I never got the explanation why, but they did release the footage they grabbed and put it on the Game N Culture episode yesterday. It sort of ends abruptly, as normally you'd have a news anchor read off a few closing details on a segment like this, and that never happened. When they send me the raw footage I may be able to do something more creative with it. It should be about 26 minutes in(I think I linked the time stamp correctly)