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  1. thanks, during this period, i realy like this game, imo its best gameplay from all AI advanced nhl series. also 95 - 97 is good. thanks for leting me know about ONE-TIMER other ways to score i dont know jet. we had some great NHL94 night with my causin wowowwo!
  2. ah... very sad. so is it means, if i want to make a mostly "visual" mod, cos names and player stats not important for me, is bether to think about BIN editing?
  3. is there some days when players are online, and is possible to play against them just fun games, no league? i also installed hamatchi, but seems there are no way how to chat in it. anyway my hamatchi name by some reson is computers name stacija_03
  4. hallo i wonder that would be nice to make KHL league, and i downloaded nice program NHL94 EDITOR there are very easy to change teams names, players names and players uniforms, but when i save the sfc. file, in game i don't see any changes. WHY? also next step i need are 2. how to change snes ice logo? 3. how to change snes ice design, cos KHL have full ice of advertisings. in nhl94.com are only BIN file editing tutorials, but seems there are very frustrating numbers and numbers and numbers quest in editing. thats why
  5. i trying to connect hamachi nhl94server#... all tipes, but i cant connect... what is problem? didnt play nhl94 online jet Q2: is there mostly USA region players?
  6. 1. what means One timer? 2. how you mean it, with passing? i have a puck on player, then i pass (with Pass button) and after pass i push Hit button, for playr who just gave puck away? for what purpose? or i misunderstund something? 3. with shooting.. i trying to play shootout, and seem also shoot key shoots only into ONE POINT in middle of net. No matter from what position i shoot. If i push left or right then player, skates left or right. 4 there are 3 buttons A,B, C B-pass, C -shoot, but for what purpose is A button? some stupid action only?
  7. hi i trying to understund how to score a goal in this game (playing for week now and scored some 10goals maybe) so i have a Q: about players movement. Q1: do player figure rotation step is 45deg only? cos when i try shootout then i can shoot only in 0deg angle or far left or far right from net.. i supouse in -45 and 45 i have tried with keys and gamepad, and figure rotation is very strange and slow. so sometimes i move joystick to right to make a fast pass, but it doing shot far into different direction. Q2: is there some way how to make shot a little bit left or right... main idea is th
  8. hi i have a very noob question about game controling in Gens how to move player its understunc : UP, Right, Left, Down but somewhere i reeded that there is some 13 actions whitch are controled with 3 buttons... so i can't find these default cotrol keys.. only D for pass
  9. hi! i have seen a screenshots of this game and would like to try it, but can't find it. i have a Windows XP on my computer do NHL94 will be suportable with system. but main QUESTION is where you guys get the game??? is there some links where to download it ets i found it in e-mule but only some strange files as SMD, SMC NHL94 (U) etc and can't understund in google's wikipedia how to open them ????