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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Blitz Fans!!! Pleased to introduce NFL Blitz 2K21 for the N64. New updated rosters as of WildCard weekend - January 9th, 2021 through Ourlads. Addition of the Houston Texans. Updated Screens and Ratings. Plus, DIY file below to create your own Blitzmania (All required programs included, plus a Step-by-Step user guide) NFL Blitz 2K21.z64 NFL BLITZ Step-by-Step.docx Blitz Modding.zip
  2. Hello Blitz Fans!!! Pleased to introduce NFL Blitz 2K21 for the N64. New updated rosters as Week 3 (October 5th - through Ourlads.com) Addition of the Houston Texans. Updated Screens and Ratings. NFL Blitz 2022.z64
  3. With the start of the playoffs I thought I would do the Blitz cup odds after years away from the game. (1) ANA - Plabax -2800 (8) FLA - Brutus +2800 Season Series: 4-0 ANA All time blitz playoffs: Never met Brutus has had a somewhat mediocre season and has had trouble scoring this season at 3.08 GFA and has really struggled on the road going 6-15. Plabax comes in with a phenomenal season winning 32/44 games, leading the league in GFA by a wide margin at 5.49 and boasts the 3rd best defense with a 3.02 GAA. Prediction: Anaheim in 5 (2) DAL - KingRaph -600 (7) WPG - Zepplin +600 Season Series: 4-0 NYR All time blitz playoffs: Never met KingRaph led the league in wins with a superb 33-11 record. Was 2nd in GFA and 4th in GAA. He is a perennial favourite in every league and this one is no different. Zepplin has struggled a bit with consistency, at times he has been very impressive at other times he has gone on prolonged bad runs such as losing 6 in a row going into the playoffs. Still he is a live dog and the potential for an upset is there. Prediction: DAL in 6 (3) CHI - Zalex -450 (6) STL - Sicarious Fulgor +450 Season Series: 3-1 CHI All time blitz playoffs: Never met Zalex and Chicago come into the playoffs as one of the hotter teams. Posting impressive home and away records and the #1 GAA at 2.83, you know the trapon will be in full effect. Sicarious comes in boasting the 5th best GAA at 3.52 and has found a way to grind out wins giving him a very respectable 21-22-1 record. He also comes in winning 7 of his final 10 games. I expect some low scoring, entertaining games here. Prediction: CHI in 6 (4) MTL - HABS -140 (5) DET - IceStorm +140 Season Series: 2-1-1 MTL All time blitz playoffs: 3-0 HABS (12-4) This is a classic Blitz match-up and the fourth time in Blitz playoff history that these two have met in the first round. Both teams know each other very well. HABS comes in with the 2nd best defensive team with a 3.01 GAA, while IceStorm has been fantastic offensively scoring at a 4.38 GFA clip good for third best in the league. Ice also comes in as one of the hotter teams going 7-2-1. A great match-up of defense vs offense in this one. Prediction: MTL in 7 Blitz Cup Odds (1) ANA - Plabax +105 (2) DAL - KingRaph +115 (3) CHI - Zalex +600 (4) MTL - HABS +700 (5) DET - IceStorm +800 (6) STL - Sicarious Fulgor +2000 (7) WPG - Zepplin +2000 (8) FLA - Brutus +7000
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