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Sorry for the delay. It's rough being homeless. Here's the 2nd round, due by June 16.


I love you guys


9) Pittsburgh (IceStorm) v 10) Calgary (Wags13)


1) Buffalo (Wags13) v 4) Dallas (philiveyismyhero)

2) Detroit (iceguy94) v 3) Toronto (louie4teen)


9) Calgary (sarcdoc) bye to final

10) St. Louis (James778200) v 12) Winnipeg (IQ25Boogiers)


1) Winnipeg (gihtarman) bye

3) New Jersey (flamingpavelbure) v 11) Calgary (sarcdoc13)

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I hope the homeless thing is temporary?? Otherwise let us know if we can help??

True but slightly exaggerated, I'm moving into a place in three weeks and am couch-surfing until then. Thankfully I'm not jobless. Just worry about playing your games.

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Guest Wags13

No offense dude but you weren't dodged. I saw you one time during the deadline period.. at 11pm at night no less on a weeknight.. lets not pretend you were readily available.

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wow...dodged and skipped over for 2nd year in a row.....I wont be returning to classic again! godspeed

Without wanting to continue this discussion any further, you played the fewest games of anyone who played GENS this spring, and while it's certainly possible Wags put on a show on the forums trying to contact you just to not play you and advance to the next round, it's unlikely. Hence I advanced him and not you.

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