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  1. DETHROX BACK FROM THE DED so in! need some serious redemption
  2. tomorrow 2on2 at double tree ill be there, what name do i ask for?
  3. I still don't believe this is happening thought I might just pop in as the tournament started and left when It was done, but I'll have to try and come in earlier for the shenanigans!
  4. Alright advanced tactics: When being held you can also spam check whos holding you to knock em down and keep going. IM sure player weight and checking is the factor as to whether this will be successful or not. You can anticipate the grab and ram them over right before/as being grabbed without the puck. Now for the real tactic: If you swing the momentum of your player in the exact OPPOSITE direction a hit is coming from, on the moment of contact ,you can do a little bounce off the player and negate the hit. I especially used to do this with light players vs heavy. and people be wondering wh
  5. RofL <<< born and raised in MTL. Also happens to be Canada's last cup winning team and probable next. 24CH PATRIOTISM NEW FORUM AVATAR just for you coming up! technically now: WIth so many Canadian players winning it over the years the cup never really left home. However there is a Canada - U.S.A Rivalry and even more so a Rivalry between Canadian Cities to who will "restore cup glory" for Canada. wtga
  6. so much talk about the laffs Kessel is the kinda guy that only thinks about hockey when he PLAYS hockey. Off the ice, he doesn't want to know it. This translates directly to his game. Streaky player. Doesn't mean he isn't great though. Did the preds just get scarier or what? Now lets talk about Canada's only hope for our cup... Can Bergevin pull out a blockbuster? i really hope so...and i really hope with Edmonton. Both teams can benefit greatly from a hockey deal. Sadly looks like Tinordi hasn't been given a shot in MTL might be on the move... habs are deep in tradable assets...and no
  7. does anyone who records and beats any of the above records get in the documentary?
  8. wow cool find. I hate EA. I found for the last decade they completely rip off the consumer making us buy a new game every year for essentially just roster updates. (which you can just download now!) Sure they always tout new features and things but its all marketing crap. Any year they made a really good game instead of keeping with it and fixing bugs and refining it they just A) copy paste code + roster updates or make some completely new bs game new features, new game play, new bugs its just bs. graphics hardly get 'better' anymore. Why not release a grade A+ title every COUPLE of years
  9. Wow. I can`t believe this is now 5 years old! Time keeps flying by faster and faster everyday and i cant seem to grasp it. ​anyway This was great to re read. thanks for the laughs you 94 loonies! what ever happened to FPB, iceguy, and houlanov????
  10. tabarnac esti wtga this s**t is rigged. ronn barr full of aids. not HIV but full blown aids.
  11. cmon no dnps in the playoffs boys thats blasphemous!
  12. really? lame. we dont even have all the round 2 match ups yet wtga this slackery ill be around to face northway
  13. Cant believe i made the list AND got drafted. thanks bud!