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Editing your User Profile on NHL94Online.com


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Seems everyone is missing this, so I decided to post it in its own topic.

Editing Your User Profile

Once registered as a user (everyone from Spring 08 season and people who have registered this season so far), you may edit your User Profile and change any previous information, as well as change your User Name and Password.

On the navigation bar of the nhl94online website, go to User Tools and choose "Edit User Profile".

Fill in your Current User Name and Password. Then fill in any information that you would like to change. ITEMS YOU ARE NOT CHANGING, LEAVE BLANK. Once done, please Submit. The page will alert you to any errors. When changing your User Name, this will not affect your All-Time User Stats, Site Records, or any League Stats in any way.

I insist everyone who fell into Category 1 (played in Spring 08 Classic League) to access this page either before or after registering for the Fall '09 league. You can access it right now if you would like. Please change your User Name to your forum name, change your password, and fill in the rest of the information. As of right now, your User Name, Password, and AIM names are the only ones that are set up, and they are all set to your AIM name.

This page can be accessed at anytime, and should be kept updated so others requesting games have a way to contact you.

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