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Back in the genesis days when NHL94 was 1st released almost all my friends played it. As time progressed a few people began to emerge as the dominant players. The dominant began to destroy the weak with humiliating victories. The weaker players eventually dwindled down until there were only the good players left. The good players battled it out until there was only a few.

Fast forward 10 years later to today. Online play is available. I've only been playing for 2 months and already I'm seeing the same thing. Awesome players crushing the the weaker ones. The weaker ones dropping like flies.

I was sad to see that Tick's NHL Cup Chase is no more. Even though I wasnt in it, I thought it was a great idea and planned on joining it once I got my skills up. I too got my ass kicked by Habs, Tick, 54, etc. I hung in there, learned from ass whippings given to me, and steadied out.

All this makes me wonder if the community is growing? Or in decline? I hope it grows cuz I want to keep playin'.

I guess its inevitable that people quit. No one likes losing. Hats off to the guys hangin' in there with losing records. Much respect. Learn from the losses and come back to kick some ass.

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I personally don't have the time to play an online league, but I think that longevity could be added by mixing up the teams. We DO have NOSE now. Why not have a system where you can only hold on to SOME of your players & throw the rest in a pool & have a draft for them where the losingest team picks first & the championship team plays last? After a few seasons I would think it would balance out. Do any leagues do this?

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i went to canada for a ice hockey tourny in nov '05 and had to room with this older guy on the team. he asked me if i brought nhl '94 with and laughed? I was confused and had to ask "what r u talking about?" he then told me when my dad used to play on this team 10 years ago ( when this game first came out ) he brought it with and had a nhl'94 tourny in the hotel room and everyone remembers it to this day! As soon as I got back home to the states I went on ebay and bought a gen and the game, I told the guy keep the rest of the games I only want '94. Now I'm discovering my friends' friends' friends' who used to play this and forgot about it, now we're all playing it again at my house.

So it's hard to say but I'd have to say it's growing.

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