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  1. GAME #1 6-5 CHI at BUFF keith 1g sharp 1g toews 1g 1a dowell 1g campbell 1g frolik 1g kane 1a hossa 1a GAME #2 5-1 CHI at BUFF sharp 2g toews 1g hossa 1g kane 1g keith 2a campoli 1a johnson 1a campbell 1a GAME #3 4-1 CHI at CHI sharp 1g toews 1g frolik 1g kane 1g keith 2a crawford 2a seabs 1a campbell 1a hossa 1a GAME #4 10-3 BUFF at CHI sharp 1g 1a towes 1g 1a seabs 1a kane 1g GAME #5 8-6 CHI at BUFF toews 2g 1a hossa 2g seabs 1g campb 1g bickell 1g kane 1g 1a frolik 3a sharp 1a ggms pearate.
  2. Do you mean by dominate '94 babies if me and pearate somehow mated? Because that would be kinda gross. But if we did and had a '94 baby, we would name him Sacre Bleu. Because that's a cool saying. He would be a cool Frenchman with a big city attitude who is fearless. When Sacre Bleu becomes a young man he will man handling Carse, who will be around 50 y.o. at the time, then he will b***h slap Mav in the playoffs for f*ucking over his Dad in classic, then will rape b***h Zalex in EVERY single league he plays in because he's a communist.
  3. he had 9 the first game and like 6 the second. what's surprising is I had none both games! ridiculous. You don't stand a chance when you have that happen.
  4. im not saying he's not good. I guess I'll re read YOUR last post about the guy to refresh my memory on his sportsmanship. c'mon dcicon, gimme a break. no big deal dan, if nobody wants to team up just drop the kings. hate to give you extra work but it's no big deal if you have to.
  5. confirmed game #1 nj at chi 0-7 chi cambpell 1a kane 2g seab 1g sharp 1g 1a pisani 1g frolik 1g 1a hossa 1g 1a toews 2a stalberg 1a bickell 1a crawford 1a game #2 nj at chi 2-6 chi keith 1g 1a toews 1g 1a dowell 1g bickell 1g hossa 1g 1a kane 1g seab 1a hjarlmosson 1a parise 1g clarkson 1g zajac 1a tedensy 1a elias 1a
  6. that's f'in funny man. boy, I needed that laugh. that was a good one.
  7. haha, I was actually smiling a little reading this, that was kinda funny. No big deal man, I've never typed "gl" to anyone. Not my thing is all. You're right though. I was focused. Focused on sitting kane's, keith's, campbell's, leddy's, bolland's, frolik's, and kruger's 172 pound asses on the bench or the 3rd line because they are f'in useless with this weight bug fix. The makers of '94 classic had to be closet Chicago fans but the makers of this '11 rom probably are from Vancouver or Detroit. Good series and I'll need the luck moving forward. And you're welcome.
  8. GAME #7 ANA at CHI 5-6 CHI cambpell 2g 1a sharp 1g toews 1g bickell 1g 1a hossa 1g brower 1a frolik 1a selanne 2g 1a perry 1g 1a koivu 1g getzlaf 1g beauchemein 2a hiller 1a ryan 1a Another great series that came down to the wire. Anaheim just ran out of time in the 3rd after coming back from a 4 goal deficit.
  9. GAME 5 ANA at CHI 3-4 CHI O.T. sharp 2g 1a toews 1g 1a hossa 1g brower 1a frolik 1a kane 1a perry 3g selanne 2a hiller 1a getzlaf 1a beauchemein 1a
  10. GAME #1 ANA at CHI 2-10 CHI Sharp 2g Hossa 1g 1a Towes 2g 2a Kane 1g 1a Seabs 1g 2a Bolland 1g 1a Frolik 1g Bickell 1g Hiller 2a Lydman 1a Selanne 1g Koivu 1g Game #2 ANA at CHI 2-7 CHI sharp 2g 1a bickell 2g 1a pisani 1g toews 1g 1a frolik 1g 1a campbell 2a crawford 1a hossa 1a kopectky 1a kane 1a hiller 1a perry 1g getzlaf 1g selanne 1a ryan 1a
  11. Yea sure Gretzky and Kurri were good but nobody was allowed to hit Wayne. Unwritten rule around the whole League. He had all day with the puck most of the time. Nobody challenged him like Mario. Don't get me wrong, of course Wayne has the records but I think Mario was a better hockey player. Wayne got lucky being real good on top of playing in that era where goalies flopped around like fishes out of water and couldn't stop beach balls. These two guys below played in the physical period of the NHL and were still getting the job done amongst all the open ice hits, grabbing, holding, slashing days.
  12. 61. Had I guessed Mike Bossy I would've had probably 71. I can't believe I forgot him. As far as the original 6 goes. My Grandpa told me when he was a kid and went to the old Stadium, the Black Hawks commuted by train back in the day. They would take the train to Detroit, from there up to Toronto, over to the East coast where there is Montreal, Boston, and then the Rangers. Take the train back from NY or Boston, I don't know which is closer, to Chicago and do it all over again. Man, imagine the rivalries back then. I'd imagine the games back then would have to be pretty spaced out due to travel time. I found this: http://billsportsmaps.com/?p=3552 "Air travel was used for teams for the first time in the late 1950s, and by 1960 the wearying train rides that players had to endure on road trips were a thing of the past."
  13. Well I guess we all now know the Non just added another league championship to his signature.
  14. I'm on both sides of the fence on this issue we are having between Rob and Probob. I agree with what you said in this above quote, it sucks turning guys away who want to play and you hate to be that guy. Dishing out forfeits sucks and nobody wants to see that or win that way. But things like this happen and go with the territory running a league. Welcome to Chaos and Halifax's world probably. This way is fine. I'm just glad we found a resolution.
  15. What does AJ have to say about all this? We had a deadline, then an extended deadline. We all know how many games we have left to play. Just curious what the story is. s**t happens I know. I think it's fair to everyone to hear his side of the story. Sounds like some guys are not too hot about this. Personally, I don't care either way. I don't know enough to comment on Probob's idea, but it does sound good to me.
  16. Shi Caw go. Pronounced, Chicago. Not Chi cah go. Cah, like how Boston pronounces car. Cah. We'll take the Blackhawks
  17. So as of right now, who am I playing in the first round? Considering if orange/black doesn't pass me. And if he does, I'm in the 'B' bowl then? If I'm understanding this right?
  18. yeah! Dan, If it's not too late, can I se réunir avec with Robbie? At least give me an 'A' for effort. It took me awhile to find that phrase online.
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