Manual Goalies

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Just curious if anyone has any bulletproof theories on Manual Goalie control.

Do you control the goalie the entire time the opponent has control of the puck in your zone, or only on breakaways, or just in times of desperation?

I can't find an emoticon to express my feeling of confusion!

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LOL hang in there Goose.

If I am playing the computer I never take control of the goalie, they dont really do to many moves other than the one timer which I couldnt stop any better than the computer anyway. However, if I am playing a person I take the goalie only when I think the player is going to score if I dont take him. Mainly breakaways and when a guy is wide open in front of the net and the guy with the puck is off near the circles.

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Manual Goalie is the "Key" in the man on man games I have played. If someone is coming in on a break away I always go to the goalie. If he is in my zone I like to be on the goalie most of the time. I will often switch off to try and check an opponite on the perimiter. You have to be aware that if you go off the goalie sometimes he will get pushed out of the way by the defenseman. I like to go to the goalie to "centre" him in the net then go off of him to another player to go for a check and if I miss go back on the goalie.

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