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The long-awaited series finally is here.........

Game 1 : PIT 7-2

Steve Yzerman shows no slowdowns from his 101 goal season as he starts the 1st period with a hat trick. PIT outshoots TOR 20-4 as this game was never really in doubt.

Game 2 : PIT 6-4

TOR came out strong after Game 1 and led this game 3-2 part way through the 2nd period but PIT just had too much firepower as Yzerman puts up 4 goals and Cujo makes some key late saves as things shift to TOR for games 3 and 4

Game 3 : PIT 6-3

Feeling like a broken record, Yzerman once again dominated this game with 5 goals as the PIT offense is too much for TOR.

Game 4 : PIT 4-3 OT

TOR wouldn't go away easy as it was a 3-3 game going into the third. Tight checking and defense by each team took the game into overtime. Mike Modano finally wakes up from hibernation and takes the opening faceoff to the house as PIT wins the game and series.

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