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  1. I'd like to be in the C league. A team like TB, Hartford, NJ or Edmonton would work.
  2. Team Name: Vegas Golden Knights LD: Coffey RD: Lumme LW: Muller C: Roenick RW: Carson X: Miller 3rd D: Chiasson G: Richter
  3. With the Blitz league no more there seems to be a void left for a Classic Weight Bug fix league. Even better, a Weight Bug Fix league with the CB fix applied. If interested post below. Here is a test rom that I'd like to use (unless there are issues). I figure the first run can just be using classic teams and if there is enough interest doing a draft style league. Let me know any other thoughts or ideas too. NHL94_NoWgtBugNoCB.bin
  4. dcicon5148

    ETB F/D Trades

    To Lupz Russ Courtnall to dcicon Joe Sakic
  5. Quebec Nordiques Scoring Lines Position SC1 SC2 CHK LD Leschyshyn Gusarov Foote RD Duchesne Tatarinov Huffman LW Ricci Nolan Rucinsky C Sakic Kamensky Lapointe RW Sundin Kovalenko Hough Special Teams Position PP1 PP2 PK1 PK2 LD Leschyshyn Gusarov Leschyshyn Foote RD Duchesne Tatarinov Duchesne Huffman LW Ricci Nolan Sakic Lapointe C Sakic Kamensky Sundin Young RW Sundin Kovalenko n/a n/a
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