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SNES B2 - Bruins looking for final games, available now through this weekend (need to play NJ, MTL and STL)

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Hi B2 SNES league,

I'm hoping to hit the 40-game mark this weekend. I haven't been able to play New Jersey (singelmamma). I also have the back half of my series with Montreal (Jbalicki10) and St. Louis (Fank), both of which are unfinished because I had to stop our previous sessions after two games (sorry!).

I'll home today, so I can play this afternoon (2-6pm EST) before Game 5 BOS-TOR hits the airwaves. I'm also available Saturday throughout the day (12-5, 8-11 EST). Sunday being mother's day I'll have less avaiability

As always, if f I'm on AIM, I'm either available to play or in a game (and likely available soon)

If you'd like to try and schedule a game at a different time, email me at the1jasontaylor@hotmail.com.

Hope to see you gents online!


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Didn't manage to get in any games this weekend, although it was largely becaues I was happily distracted with something as rare as a real-world unicorn: Leafs playoff hockey! Game 7 tonight, can't wait!

Singel_Mamma (NJ), I've tried several ways of contacting you (AIM, Email, forum posts) but I have never received a response to any of my communication attempts. I've seen you online a few times, but my AIM messages always go unanswered. I only ever receive what seems to be group message blasts from you. Let me know what your schedule is like and I will do my best to be flexible; evenings 8-11pm Eastern work best, but I may also be availble during the day Tuesday and Friday (9am to 5pm Eastern) this week. The season is wrapping up soon, and I would like to hit the 40-game mark if possible. Email or AIM me with your availability when you have a moment, plaese.

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