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What is an AIM Blast Group?

It's another name for Group Chat! In order to fully experience the benefits of the AIM Group chat, you should be using AIM for Windows, or the new AIM. You can go to www.aim.com and use it directly from your browser...no install needed!

Why should I use AIM Blast Group?

* All of the coaches in your division have been added to the group chat. You don't have to add them to your buddy list individually, search for them, etc.

- To see who is in your group and who is online, you can click the members link on your group chat:


That will bring up the entire list of who is in the group also show you who is online at that moment:


* The group chat messages are also archived! This means when you sign on, you can read the chat history as far back as you like. You can also use this to leave a message to others on your availability, etc.

* You can quickly post an IM to the entire group in one chat window. It eliminates clutter and having multiple IM windows open.

* You can click on a person's name in the chat group to open up an individual chat. This is usually when you are preparing your individual game details.

Do I HAVE to use group chat?

No, you're free to leave the chat group; however I highly recommend staying on the chat for all the reasons mentioned above. This also helps others find you, making sure they have the correct AIM information, etc.

I'm not on a Blast Group - Should I be?

YES! By now I have added everyone to their respective groups. If you don't see the group chat on your AIM, please contact me (via PM, e-mail, txt, AIM, smoke signal, etc) to let me know. It means I have the wrong AIM information for you.

Good luck and have fun! :dal_skater_hand_grab:

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