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Blitz 10 Official Season ROM

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Blitz 10 ROM is here and the season can start!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Blitz94_Season_10abv2.bin

Awesome new feature -- ALL 288 Player Card Pictures Updated!

Now you can see the faces of your opponents!

* When Sergio Momesso smashes you into the boards, you can look him in the face: 20qyq9h.jpg

* Bob Probert will intimidate you with his black eye: 11vqw6c.jpg

* Who know Jim Hrnivak was so good looking? Maybe Mrs. Hrnivak?: 2w594s8.jpg

* When Rob Ramage knocks you out for the game, his choice mustache will be distant fuzzy memory: 108ejvl_th.png

And hundreds more!


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