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Intro / What is this?

In short, with my guidance you do some of the lead-up work for hacks, using emulator tools to find the basics of where/how to make hacks, then I'll finish off any coding needed for the hack.

This begins a series of hack posts where I lay out how to help me with the early parts of discovering how to do a hack.

This series should train up a few guys to be great at investigating the starting stages of hacks to give me the info needed to complete the hack -- or to discover that the hack may not be possible.

Often these steps can be done in 5-30 minutes.

So I hope people will follow the instructions in these HelpMeHack threads in order to find for me the early parts of hacks. And then these people will have gained skills in order to be able to look into other hacks more quickly (or even come up with the basis of their own hacks).

The steps will be rated by difficulty:

Difficulty levels:

  1. Total Beginner (anyone can do this)
  2. Beginner (still easy, but might take some time to find what you're looking for)
  3. Intermediate
  4. Mad Skillz
  5. You are Mark Lesser

For the Total Beginner level, it might take 30 minutes the first time you ever do one of these steps, but after that, it'll feel trivial and you can often do it in 5 minutes.

You can also try out Part 1 of TonyH's awesome hacking tutorial in order to practice up. It's basically Steps 1-3 from this HelpMeHack, but the 'answers' are already known.

Step 0: Get the Gens ReRecording emulator

Expand spoiler to see my guide/tips for doing this.

  • Get the Gens ReRecording emulator (it's Gens, but with some hacking features added on),
  • unzip it,
  • run Gens.exe,
  • and configure your controller in it.

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