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SDL 4 rounds 11 and 12


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Yes, the draft is complete. Well done everyone!!!

Check your roster on Google doc to be sure it's correct.

Be sure to post your lines in the SDL 4 lines thread.

Trade deadline is tonight at midnight!

Season will start in a couple of weeks(need to let Dynasty playoffs get through a few rounds first). I'll post a definite start date early next week.

Season will be 56 games long(4 games against each opponent). Check points will be 8 games per week for a total of 7 weeks.

Top 8 will make playoffs. Each series will be best of 7.

Bottom 7 teams will play in a consolation tournament.

A big thanks to hazmat for putting doc together to help with draft!

I'd also like to thank annatar and the rest of you guys for helping to push those last couple rounds through when I found myself in the weeds at work.

And of course a big thanks to c4outlaws who is currently working on the ROM (I'm sure he'll have it available soon for exhibitions).

I'll be off the grid too most of weekend, but will post further details early next week.

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