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  1. A-Squad First Line: LW - Kova C - Yzerman RW - Bondra LD - Linds RD - Hynes G - Ranford X - Corson Second Line: LW - Borsato C - Corson RW - LD - Pederson RD - Pederson
  2. I'm available just about every evening and off and on during days too. Let's all try and get some exis in this week and then start a 4 man round robin next week. Maybe we can get halifax to set up a RBI channel on Discord?
  3. Does this mean you're in? I would love a shot at the champ!
  4. Awesome Bob! We'll do something low key. Your window works perfect for me!
  5. Well, it doesn't look like there is much interest in RBI. @annatar @jer_33 maybe we can just play some exis and then a small round robin. Perhaps we could get @Bob Kudelski to join since it would be slower paced?
  6. We are using brutopia. That would be awesome if you could pass this along to anyone who might be interested. I know Chicago has a big RBI presence. I believe there use to be an annual tournament there as well. I should probably post this on the dee-nee site too
  7. If you're interested please post below. This will be an online double elimination tournament with each round being best of 3 and finals best of 5. I'll randomly seed players. Team selection process: 1. higher seed selects matchup 2. lower seed picks team they want 3. higher seed picks home or away 4. alternate this for remaining games We'll use Brutopia/Nestopia emulator https://tecmobowl.org/files/file/320-brutopianestopia-pc/ I'm leaning towards one starting pitcher per game unless a majority would rather use both. I'll leave this up for a week and then get started. I would like this to be a fast moving tournament so please only signup if you have plenty of gaming time. 1. jackandjose 2. jer 3. annatar 4. Bob Kudelski
  8. I would give back the goal. This does create another problem though. The momentum will shift to your opponent as well, which could lead very quickly to another goal for him. This would not be a huge deal early in the game, but definitely a game changer in third period of a close game.
  9. Ok thanks! I should have known he was joking.
  10. C GartnerLW TikkanenRW NeelyLD Kasatonov RD BouchardG Potvinx SteenFirst Forward Sub: SteenFirst Defensive Fetisov
  11. 5.1 Dcicon picks Carol Vadnais 5.2 Chaos picks Glen Wesley 5.3 jer picks Milt Schmidt 5.4 J&J picks Alexi Kasatonov 5.5 MG22 picks Tommy Soderstrom 5.6 AtomicRaven picks Serge Savard 5.7 Flat selects Kirk Muller 5.8 Space selects James Patrick 5.9 aqua selects Vincent Damphouse 5.10 Brutus selects Bill Ranford 5.11 Chaos selects Mats Sundin 5.12 Tex selects Jean Ratelle 5.13 Skip selects Jacques Laperriere 5.14 Ice selects Jeff Brown 5.15 Lupz selects Sergie Makarov 5.16 AJ selects Val Kamensky 5.17 Zep picks Red Berenson
  12. Tex: i give you 1.20, 4.14, 6.21 and you give me 2.11, 3.14, 6.11' Confirmed
  13. Looks like a fun league! I like the schedule adjustments you made from summer league format.
  14. +1 on playing as much as you like and double elimination playoffs. I think shorter seasons and tighter playoff deadlines are perfect for fall and winter and should be the standard. A more relaxed approach suits the summer though I think.
  15. Overall I think the summer league was fun and served it's purpose. Everyone pretty much played as much or as little as they wanted. 11 guys played more than 50 games and 2 more played more than 40. Those are more than full seasons in most leagues. I would definitely like to run this again next summer so please make suggestions on any changes that should be considered. I would possibly raise the minimum games to 40. Also, maybe only have 8 games versus each opponent so a complete season is more doable.
  16. The awards above are all final. I need Brutus, AJ and Coach to pick which card they want from Dino(2), Fedorov, Messier or Bondra I also need all winners to PM me on discord their full name and address so I can mail cards. Also, feel free to trade with others before I send
  17. Complete each round by the following date. Round 1 August 12th Round 2 August 19th Round 3 August 26th Round 4 September 2nd
  18. Sorry I have not been keeping up with this. Big jump up the leaderboard for Brutus in many categories! Most Games Dino(2), Fedorov, Messier or Bondra 1. Tex 160 picked Modano card 2. MikeGartner 160 picked Mogilny 3. Brutus 98 4. Coach 77 5. Angryjay 75 Goals(Roenick card for winner) 1. Mogilny 531 2. Recchi 216 3. Jimmy Carson 187 4. Brett Hull 181 Most PIM's(Mike Gartner card for winner) 1. Gary Suter 65 2. Chris Chelios 64 3. Esa Tikkanen 53 3. Nicklas Lidstrom 53 Most Defenseman Goals(Mark Messier for winner) 1. Ray Bourque 67 2. Chris Chelios 53 3. Phil Housley 46 4. Alexi Zhitnik 24 Most Checks(Theo Fleury for winner) 1. Gary Suter 919 2. Ray Bourque 862 3. Chris Chelios 831 Most Wins(Brett Hull for Winner) 1. Tex 121 2. Brutus 62 3. Angryjay 55 4. MikeGartner 49 5. Icestorm 46 Tex also won an Al MaCinnis card Jeremy Roenick card for playoff CHAMPION!