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SDL 4 - Season Start and rules


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Regular season starts this weekend!


1) Season will consist of 56 games per team.

2) There will be one division and you'll play each team 4 times(2 home and 2 away).


1) Season will be 7 weeks in duration.

2) Weekly checkpoints of 8 games

3) Coaches will be replaced if they fail to keep up with multiple checkpoints. Please notify me of vacations or anything else that might cause you to miss check points.

Weekly check points:

August 3rd 8 games

August 10th 16 games

August 17th 24 games

August 24th 32 games

August 31st 40 games

September 7th 48 games

September 14th 56 games


1) Top 8 seeds qualify to play for SDL 4 championship

Tie breaker hierarchy

- Head to Head record

- Goals scored in head to head competition

-Coin flip

2) Playoff Matchups

-1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5

-Re-seeding will NOT occur after each round. Each series will be best 7.

3) Bottom 7 seeds will play a consolation tournament.

Website will be www.NHL94online.com and should be ready this weekend.

Thanks chaos for setting up!

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c4outlaws will post a new updated SDL 4 ROM later today with a few fixes. Please wait to start games and download this ROM. Look for it around 5:30 central time.

There's no need to wait, on my end at least. The changes he makes will not affect anything on the site, as long as he doesn't move around players on the rosters (which he shouldn't have to do anyway). I just need the updated jersey no for Lumme so it can be accurately reflected on the site.

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