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Hey guys,

I have came up with a plan to get the international NHL '94 players into the movie. I'm hoping to get as many Skype interviews as I can with players outside of Canada and the USA. I'll will record them and use them in the film in a montage/infographic scene to show the game getting played around the world. So my question... How many people can I get? Finland? Sweden? Germany? Italy? Mexico? I will need the forums help to get the world out!

If you fit this discerption or have stories of playing NHL '94 outside of Can/US. Please email me at mikeymcbryan@gmail.com

It will be epic to have you in the movie!

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I do not know if I count. I live in Indonesia now. I grew up in the USA, and played NHL 94 all the time when I was in HS/ college. I tried to get my Genesis/ NHL 94 set up out here, and fried the AC adaptor. So, I just play EA NHL 16 on PS4, as the AC Adaptor just works without any fire risk.

Out here, no one plays NHL 94. I will host some NHL 17 tournaments on occasion at work, but those are just a couple times per year (just started in April/ May last year, and will continue this year).

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