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  1. I do not know if I count. I live in Indonesia now. I grew up in the USA, and played NHL 94 all the time when I was in HS/ college. I tried to get my Genesis/ NHL 94 set up out here, and fried the AC adaptor. So, I just play EA NHL 16 on PS4, as the AC Adaptor just works without any fire risk. Out here, no one plays NHL 94. I will host some NHL 17 tournaments on occasion at work, but those are just a couple times per year (just started in April/ May last year, and will continue this year).
  2. MA Fluery or M Murray as the starting Goalie for PIT - Zatkoff has not played since the NYR series and will likely not play any more.
  3. I will do some teams that I like skating with, right now (LAK, CHI, TBL, etc.)
  4. I can pitch in with handedness, weights, spelling, and ratings feedback for the Metropolitan Conference.
  5. I never look at reddit, just find the format to be psychotic. But on the EA NHL Forum, it seems like more people hate the game, than like it: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/forums/show/535.page;jsessionid=477A2AD0E15866FE0C9EED59ED1F96BE
  6. That could explain why no one replied to this thread that I started titled, "!! REQUEST REFUNDS !!" http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/0/10370157.page#35272045 EA has not banned me yet.
  7. Looks awesome and I love the trailer (awesome work, for real), except that for future renditions, I think you need to be wearing hockey gloves when you are standing there holding the hockey stick, at the beginning as the cover guy. Did you watch the Road to the Winter Classic - SJS/ LAK from last year? Remember when the LA Kings went to DC? Remember when Coach Darryl Sutter was standing next to the Grand Pubah, how clueless the Pubah looked holding the stick (his top hand was like upside down and backward or something- he looked so awkward), and how terrified Sutter looked standing next to him? Sutter was looking at him like, "What the hell is he doing?" and then could not get away, quickly enough haha. From now on, whenever I see a guy holding a stick without gloves, I always think of this moment (which was hilarious, but one does not want to be associated with this event).
  8. I am just thinking, PS4 has internet, so can I download an emulator, and then play NHL 94 through my PS4, on my big TV, with my PS4 controller? I don't know- perhaps the PS4 has some built in blocker that won't let me emulate video games (to stifle competition or preserve copyright or whatever boring/ obnoxious corporate reason)? I suppose I could research it online, but figure someone here would know for sure. I would like to get into gaming with everyone here, and am awaiting some assistance from Coach Mac to help me get set up with my Mac. I would also like to get set up on my PS4, if possible.
  9. When I was in High School, my friends and I all agreed to get Sega Genesis, and thus, that is the only system I have ever known NHL 94/95 on. I see why the SNES is better though, after having read the differences (no shot passes going in, and no soft goals, which always irked me to no end in my high school days). So ... 1 (tie): NHL 94 (Sega) NHL 95 (Sega) * I know that the games are so different, and that 95 is not exactly loved in these parts, but I loved it regardless (I played a ton of NHL 96 too in college). 2. Halo (XBox) - how sweet was 16 player, with 4 boxes LAN'ed - Bloodgulch 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (XBox 360) - Game Mode: Survival, 2 player tandem, oh the carnage 4. NHL 15 (PS4)- this game is super fun for online versus- wide open, passing is sound, and it feels so good to snipe with with a lefty coming down the RW (I am a righty myself, so I cannot do this in real life). 5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (the first one that came out on XBox 360- I do not recall the exact name of the title) - I played the heck out of Headquarters on XBox Live. Honorable Mention: NHL 93 (Sega) - this game "wet the whistle" for my buddies and me to get into video gaming hockey. I know that the game was ridiculous, and I used to win by scores of like 30-5, which was stupid, but there was something about it, like we knew that epicness was pending, so we got ready, and got ourselves familiar with the game, controls, players, etc ... NHL 92 (Sega) - For whatever reason (too busy with Madden and Lakers v. Celtics), we barely played this game, even though it was pretty good actually.
  10. NHL 16, online versus (the only game mode that I play), is absolute trash. This should come as no surprise to my brethren in this forum. If anyone cares, here is my rant on the matter, following my request for a refund via PSN, with a response from an EA Dev. I actually enjoyed NHL 15, which is why I am not too active on the old school console stuff here, but I love that we got a forum to keep the best video game ever alive: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10370170.page
  11. It would seem that whatever was done to get those guys in the Toronto tourney who were from the GTA, would generalize to the GA or whichever venus is identified. For example, if we had a tourney in Los Angeles, then I would guess that we would get a lot of guys from the GLA area coming out of the woodwork. Or not. Hard to say. Vegas might be a better venue (than Los Angeles, or anywhere between San Diego to Santa Barbara), as hotels are pricey in LA and it is not really set up for visitors as well as Vegas is. I guess the greater Las Vegas area, where guys would flock from, would likely include the rest of Nevada (which is not much, I do not think), Arizona & SoCal.
  12. When I wrote that, about doing KO94 in LA, I figured it may not have been the best idea, and it would morph into something better. So, yes, this will work. LA, Tahoe, Vegas, wherever- I am happy to drive up to 6-8 hours, and meet everybody in a hotel/ convention center type setting, and then game all day and night. Do you have any idea on how to organize, get sponsors, etc.?
  13. I'd be up to play in a league, if I can get my Mac working and running this ROM.
  14. Request for Dates for summer 2016 King of 94 Tourney: starting June 9 or after, ending July 26 or prior Request for Venue: Somewhere in Los Angeles area I was unable to attend the King of 94 tourney, as I had to leave to go overseas for work on July 31. Generally, I spend summers in Los Angeles from about June 10-July 30 or so. I am up for a tourney every summer, if we can rally the guys and find a venue. I would play NHL 94 online but I am on a Mac, and every time I try to get set up, I get stuck. So, I just play NHL 16 (or whatever the most current game is) online, and am generally left unsatisfied.
  15. (Probably the wrong thread; I just read the movie update, and it inspired me to make this request ... of course, I am looking forward to seeing the documentary, and thus I read McMikey's post in its entirety, and cannot wait to see Pixelated Heroes.): I got a request (and I will PM the organizers). Can we please have the King of 94 tourney starting after June 10, and ending before July 23? (the closer to Los Angeles, the better, as that is where I stay, and will need to return to, to get back to work overseas). I am overseas for work all year, and would love to participate in an NHL 94 tourney. Don't worry, I am sure I am not a ringer. I mostly play online versus in NHL 16 these days (when I am not lobbying the devs to change the garbagy aspects of it in the EA NHL Forum), and miss my NHL 94 !! Here is an example of some of my "work": http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10368849.page#35260695 (I am IceCosmic in PS4, and on the EA NHL Forums- trying to get EA to bring back the fun and trash the nonsense, did not go over too well though.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63ja7CmDpXA
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