NHL 95 on PC - Computer scores very few goals in "other" games


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hi everyone

Maybe you already discussed this but here i go:

yesterday i took the new 2016 roster update for NHL 95 for the PC. I started playing and when i play against computer he can score two-three goals which is ok. But in other games which are "simulated" the computer scores like 1-2 goals per 3 games played so the stats look awful to the computer teams. They are like 1 goal per game average which is too low. I did have set the period length to 10 min.

Can i tinker with the database to increase the scoring by the computer teams in "other" games so the stats look more interesting.

Anyone knows or has any ideas?

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Hi, I am adjusted in NHLINFO 5.53. 1) Default database 2) Players 3) Career.... double click G (goals) .... Ctrl+A .... key > ... add 5-10 goals ... save. To start the new season.

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