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HOW TO: Create a Save State in RetroArch

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Creating a Save State in RetroArch


This process will be the same for both Genesis and SNES.

Before your first time playing online against an opponent, please make sure the following settings have been set:

Under Settings->Saving, set Save State Auto Index to ON. This will eliminate the need to increment save states after each game, and prevent overwriting of saves (very useful!!). Note: This should already be set if you used the files from


Auto Index.png



Check your default save state directory - Make sure you know where the saves will be stored. This can be changed and set to whatever you'd like. The default path is "RetroArch\states". So, if you installed RetroArch on the Desktop, they will be found in "Desktop\retroarch-32\states".

If you would like to change the path, go to Settings->Directory, and change the path for "Savestates" to whatever your heart desires.


Play the game, save on the 3-Stars screen, or the Final Summary Screen - 

The Default button to save a state is F5. F7 will increment (not needed if Save State Auto Index is set as above), F6 will decrement.

Once the 3-Stars screen pops up at the end of the game, hit the F5 button to save the state. You will see a message in the bottom left corner telling you the state was saved, and the slot number it was saved to. The save can also be made at the Final Summary Screen (where the Exit Game option is seen, along with the Scoreboard). If you do decide to save at the Final Summary Screen, just make sure a "game highlight" is not playing!!



Save State.png


Once the game is saved, you can navigate to your Save State folder and upload the game to the site.

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