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[Friday Aug 9, 2019 - Dallas, TX] - Tournament, plus DAL-vs-WSH PA announcer game

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It's at the Dallas Let's Play Gaming Expo. Admission to the expo gives you free admission to the tournament.

Sega Genesis version

Top 3 prizes are Dallas Stars tickets (see the rules sheet)


Click here for the Rules PDF

via the expo owner on facebook:


Hey guys! My name is Kalen Nelson and I am one of the owners of the Dallas based Let's Play Gaming Expo. We've got an awesome opportunity with our special guests this year where we have both Jeff K and Wes Johnson (PA announcers for the Dallas Stars and the Washington Capitals respectively) at our show and we wanted to host an NHL '94 tournament!

Our event takes place August 9th-11th [NHL94 tournament is on the 9th], and we're looking at giving away some tickets to upcoming Dallas Stars games as prizes. Wes and Jeff will be throwing down in a pre-tournament exhibition representing their respective teams, after which they will commentate several of the games played after that point in the tournament. 

Dallas Stars vs Washington Capitals grudge match starts at 1pm on August 9th. After completion of the grudge match, the full NHL '94 tournament will begin at 2pm on the 9th. 

During the regular tournament we will have Wes commentating/announcing various games being played in the bracket.

Rules are similar to the usual except: you can be any team other than the All Stars, and it's automatic goalie.

Round robin followed by bracket. The rules say best-of-3 for all matches, but I think that's just the playoffs actually.

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