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HOW TO: Sprite Update / Helmet Patch


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This patch, from 2011, has all of the sprites redrawn and updated to allow you to update the helmet and shoulder colors for more accurate uniforms.

In the original, unedited sprites, the helmet color was shared with the jersey. Classic NHL'94 teams such as San Jose, Montreal, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and other teams look inauthentic before this update, to me.
There are 2 colors for the helmets and 1 for the shoulder.

NOTE: make sure to replace the, '92 Strip.bmp,' used in the NOSE directory or the colors for the strips won't appear accurately. 

Here are some sample pics, from pixelpuck.com; 2011, of teams that benefit from the patch. 







Bonus for downloading, 1 free, rotating Stanley Cup and Sprite voxel animation:


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Hi there! 


I was hoping you might provide me with some assistance regarding issues following applying your patch to the " NHL 20 by Skip & Slapshot67" mod. After following the instructions and changing the uniforms for Montreal uisng NOSE 1.2 (2018), the game appears to have issues with certain pixels behind the nets, the goal crease and the benches going crazy, appearing distorted (the uniform edits did work, however) . Is this a common issue with a workaround or is this just an inherit issue with applying this patch to a modded rom like the one I mentioned? 


Thanks for your help.


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