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  1. dwyersp

    NHL 2019 by naples39

    Actually, it looks like I found a fix: I just copied and pasted the playoff matchups for Naples' 2018 game, seems like it stopped the freezing (now let's just hope I didn't break something else in the meantime!). Thanks for the response! -Sean
  2. dwyersp

    NHL 2019 by naples39

    That's fantastic! Well, I've been playing your version of NHL 94 for a few years now, and I like to randomly pick a Playoff match for the purpose of selecting my team & opponent. In the past, I have been able to just hold the arrow key down to cycle through different matchups for as long as I want, but this year, it stops (and freezes) on the Boston (Visitor) Toronto (Home) playoff combination. I understand that there's likely nothing you can do, but I didn't think it would hurt to mention it. Thanks again!
  3. dwyersp

    NHL 2019 by naples39

    Hey man. I want to start off by saying that this is my absolute version of the yearly NHL 94 rom - I greatly appreciate the fact that you continue to push out a new release every year - the amount of hard work you put in is extremely evident. Do you anticipate putting out any more updates to this rom this year? I wasn't sure if I was the only one, but I've noticed more freezing/crashing menu problems than compared to previous years and I was hoping there was still a chance those might be fixed. If not, I am not complaining, thanks again for all the great work you do! -Sean
  4. dwyersp

    NHL 94 2019 box cover

    Not to completely piggyback on this, but here's one I made for my game.
  5. dwyersp

    NHL 2018 by naples39

    Hi Guys. Just in case anyone plays this game using Recalbox or Emulationstation, etc. - I went ahead and created some simple metadata to use for scraping the game info and box art. Just look for "NHL 2018" for the Sega Megadrive when scraping your game and everything should populate. Thanks! -Sean
  6. dwyersp

    NHL 2018 by naples39

    Thanks so much for doing this again! Really awesome awesome. Skip & Slapshot's is good too, but I personally prefer yours since it plays waaaaaaaaay nicer with NOSE as far as editing uniforms. Keep it up! -Sean
  7. dwyersp

    NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    Whoa. A full rehaul in the unreal engine? Once that project's complete, could you still play this on an Sega emulator? I would love to hear more about this project when you're ready! -Sean