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  1. dwyersp

    NHL 2018 by naples39

    Hi Guys. Just in case anyone plays this game using Recalbox or Emulationstation, etc. - I went ahead and created some simple metadata to use for scraping the game info and box art. Just look for "NHL 2018" for the Sega Megadrive when scraping your game and everything should populate. Thanks! -Sean
  2. dwyersp

    NHL 2018 by naples39

    Thanks so much for doing this again! Really awesome awesome. Skip & Slapshot's is good too, but I personally prefer yours since it plays waaaaaaaaay nicer with NOSE as far as editing uniforms. Keep it up! -Sean
  3. dwyersp

    NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    Whoa. A full rehaul in the unreal engine? Once that project's complete, could you still play this on an Sega emulator? I would love to hear more about this project when you're ready! -Sean