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  1. Are you serious? Sure it sucks that people are doing it but that doesn't mean you should stop posting. It's not like you get paid to do it. Let it go. People in the community will generally know who the ripoffs are. A lot of people enjoy your rom every year and look forward to it. You're gonna take that away because of 1 person? That's ridiculous.
  2. Sorry but that box cover looks horrible. The image is too thin. It's common sense to preserve aspect ratio of image.
  3. Why are you calling it NHL '23? It should be called NHL 95 2023. It's still NHL 95 just updated.
  4. Re: the regular version. I like that it's harder to score. At the same time it's very difficult to score off a deke now. 95% of my goals are from "across the crease". The AI can still be cheesed that way albiet to a lesser extent. I don't know if it's possible to do anything about that but if not, no worries. Never mind. I just played some more, it was just me. I got the hang of it now. All good.
  5. Just tried the regular version and I think you got it. The penalties are much better now I think. It feels like the AI is improved vs 5.4, maybe it's just me. All in all it feels pretty good. Nice. Trying to patch the arcade and rookie modes don't work. checksum mismatch.
  6. I didn't even notice it was harder to score compared to the original when I tested it the other day. I just thought I was bad at the game, but in the original it's so much easier to score. Having said that I can still own the Ai 15+ to 0. lol but it's a great improvement.
  7. I was always playing as the Leafs. I think it didn't matter what team I was against. Still a lot of penalties but I'll keep testing. I was playing for a while with Canadiens and it was a bit better. What I meant originally was ealistically the # of penalties, but maybe it's the same as the original now that I compare them side by side so whatever. Crap I was just about to test the 5.5 beta again, but realized I deleted it some days ago..
  8. It would be nice if the game pace was a bit faster than the original without increasing penalty rate, if that's possible. The original game is pretty slow compared with 95 and up. Maybe not to 95 speed but a slight increase would be nice.
  9. On another note, is it possible to increase the speed at which this is emulated or something? It seems to run slower than I remember it or maybe it's just me. But it would be nice to speed up the game a bit.
  10. sure I can beta test it. Is the ripple effect such a problem? Player stats should remain relatively constant I would think. Maybe sometimes a player went to sleep late or ate too much steak the day before but like you know a players stats are a players stats lol
  11. Maybe reduce the amount of randomness?
  12. In playing like ~10 games in a row I noticed there are too many penalties called. And it's just random. It's usually for something the AI did I think. Also injuries from a direct body check happen.. I wouldn't say frequently but 5-6 times in 10 games or something. Maybe that's how the original game is, I don't remember but it's just... not realistic. Then I get a penalty for kneeing... ok... otherwise good.
  13. Honestly Jpark, that is such a minor thing. Adam, I hope you make this an annual thing. Amazing job.
  14. I have no idea about ASM or hex editing. I would suggest simply the most popular broadcaster. Even modern sports games the commentators aren't going to be regional for most people. But it's no big deal, anyways, your rom is looking to be on another level! And yes I will update the rom with the latest version. Oh, a question. Is it possible at all to have season mode in NHL 94 like in NHL 95? Maybe somehow port the season mode ASM from 95 to 94. I guess that requires a lot of knowledge and work.
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