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Quarantine & Isolation Contest (QiC)

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Quarantine & Isolation Contest (QiC)

Keepin this first tournament simple...

Type:      Single elimination bracket (no reseeding)
System: Retroarch
Discord: #qic-tourney
Game:    Best-of-7 (2-2-1-1-1)
ROM:      nhl94_playoff
Teams:   25

1  @SlapshotSean    - Buffalo      
2  @Joe                      - Detroit
3  @seventieslord     - Chicago
4  @aepurniet            - Calgary
5  @NotThatJared    - Montreal  
6  @scribe99             - Winnipeg
7  @jer_33                  - Boston
8  @Mr.  T                   - Vancouver
9  @flatcrusher          - Edmonton 
10 @chaos                 - Quebec
11 @AdamWoodrow - Los Angeles                  
12 @dcicon5148       - Dallas  
13 @danTML7           - Toronto
14 @skip                     - NY Rangers
15 @LeifErikson        - Philadelphia
16 @sonoffett87       - St. Louis
17 @Chris O               - New Jersey
18 @Brutus                - Washington
19 @MikeGartner22 - Hartford
20 @corbettkb           - Pittsburgh
21 @Schmidt             - NY Islanders
22 @zeppelin55         - San Jose  
23 @IceStormNHL94- Ottawa
24 @kingraph             - Anaheim
25 @angryjay93         - Florida

See attached the bracket and some first round matchups of note...

@SlapshotSean vs @Brutus
• Slapshot wins the #1 overall pick based on his port forwarding to make the transition as easy as possible for Brutus (watchout for the 5-hole Slapshot!)

@flatcrusher vs @chaos
• Get to decide this one on the ice... flatcrusher: I see @chaos still higher than me....

@AdamWoodrow vs @Mr.  T
• Id pay a few cents to watch this one.

Lets get through this team draft QiC and through this tournament QiC.  All goes well, a second tournament split among A & B could be possible.



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