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1. Post in this thread to pick your team once the player before you has picked or it's your time.

2. If you see someone's turn to pick, please message/contact them 94 times until they pick.

3. Picks start on Tuesday at 8am but you can start before then.

All times in EST


Tues 8am Chongo - Pittsburgh 

Tues 9am dangler BOS

Tues 10am Skankhunt WAS

Tues 11am annatar NYR

Tues Noon Bob Kudelski BUF

Tues 1pm kingof94 CHI

Tues 2pm TheProfessor DET

Tues 3pm kingraph LA

Tues 4pm  Gianfonz TOR

Tues 5pm JotaC007 MTL

Tues 6pm pistolpete42 CAL

Tues 7pm BlackDevil19 VAN

Tues 8pm McMarkis PHI


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Black devil takes van


mcmarkis takes phi


draft done!

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