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Edge of '94 Midwest

Annual tournament update

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I hope everyone is doing well. Normally about this time of year, we'd be dipping our toes in the waters of tournament planning. Lord knows it's awesome when people can gather, break bread, and enjoy a common activity.

For us, NHL94 isn't just an activity, it's a passion, one that many of you share, and that's why exist. We exist to share that passion with others. We know each and every weekend is a valuable commodity, and we're honored every time one of you decides to spend it with us at our NHL94 tournaments.

It is our heart's desire to hold an event in 2021. We want to see everyone's smiling faces, hear the sirens wail, and see the lamps lit. That being said, there are many hurdles in place that must be overcome before we can do so.

Our tournament regulars much be willing AND able to attend. Right now there are barriers to this. Right now for our Canadian friends, any trip here requires an automatic two week quarantine, which means lost wages or worse.

Consumer confidence matters. In this case, the overwhelming majority of players that have been part of the last event are not ready to take the risk of attending a live event. No confidence = no travel = low numbers = defeats the purpose of having the event.

We hope that circumstances will improve, and that we'll be able to hold an event worth attending in 2021. That being said, we're not ignorant to the fact that countless other notable retro gaming events did not take place in 2020.

What we ask for is time and understanding, as circumstances develop. Realistically we may not have a decision in 2020 made yet, but most likely we will wait until after the November presidential elections before making any major announcements.

Hopefully we can make a Belfour/Roy-esque save before we have to bench the tournament for a year.

While it's not the same, obviously there are online avenues on this site to get your dose of nostalgia.

We appreciate the continued support, and we can't wait until we can see you in person!




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