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Hello NHL '94 Forums!


As a big fan of Nintendo and Sega characters, as well as a big fan of the SMG4 YouTube channel, I decided it would be cool to create a rom hack with characters from SMG4's content (mostly Nintendo characters).  The ROM will be a 1v1 rom.  Currently, I have uniforms, players, teams, ratings, and lines all set.  All I need to do it's the logos and banners to be edited to match every player.  This will take a very long time as I have no clue on how to edit any of the hexes or sprites in the game (I'll probably need help from an expert haha). So far, I like what I have, but I plan to make some changes.   Here is what I have now:


Note: I made this ROM back in 2017 but it recently came back to update it.






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