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[Sunday, Nov 5, 2023 - Ottawa, ON] First NHL'94 Ottawa tournament, at LevelOne Game Pub

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Register on EventBrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/nhl94-ottawa-tournament-tickets-731688880137

2pm to 8pm.

Sega & SNES tournaments (simultaneous -- I wanted to do back-to-back but worried that 3 hours each wouldn't work)

Limited to 24 total players, but expecting more like 16.

No cost to register BUT the venue has a "stay & play" fee of $8 or $9 (website says 9.. i was quoted 8 a few months ago.. i'm guessing it's 9 now)

I'm giving away $100 of my own money. $25 to the winner, $15 to 2nd, $10 to 3rd, on each console.

Using the usual rules pretty much. See http://www.kingof94.ca/rules-and-format-ottawa.html

Will probably be a Round Robin then single- or double-elimination bracket with "A" and "B" (consolation) tiers.

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Groups and brackethttps://challonge.com/94O_23_SNES (winners at end of post, if you want to avoid spoilers and watch the stream)

Twitch Streamhttps://www.twitch.tv/videos/1976060548

The original plan was to do simultaneous Sega and SNES tournaments, but we had a lot of no-shows, and since the one new guy was a SNES guy I decided we would drop Sega and play SNES (although afterwards I kind of regretted not doing short back-to-back sega and snes tourneys so everyone got to play their game).

I figured the skill disparity was quite high, so what we did is played 2 games against each opponent -- the first game was regular matchup calling, and the 2nd game was handicapped matchup calling where the matchups were chosen from the "tiers" based on goal differential in the first game. For example, if you lost by 2 goals, the matchup was called between teams 2 colour "tiers" apart.


  1. smozoma
  2. SuperSkySock (aka CanadianDennis) - lent the services of his van to transport all the TVs and consoles to the venue
  3. BobKudelski26
  4. handzus
  5. LetsGetReadyToDarrenRumble - new guy

Thanks guys for the help setting up and tearing down

LevelOne were great hosts and gave us a whole corner of the ground floor

Congrats to BobKudelski, the inaugural Ottawa NHL'94 Tournament winner.
New player LetsGetReadyToDarrenRumble had a strong 3rd place showing.

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