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NHL 95 All Time Legends Final Cut! All 32 teams now, Original 26 teams of 95 usable for Season mode, Actual playoff matchups of each year from 1991-2023 in playoff mode, and more!

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Here it is! Completely revamped and powered up, my All Time Legends roster hack! I'll try and re-explain and summarize what this hack is about :) I wanted to keep it as Vanilla 95 as far as the aesthetics as possible, other than splash/intro screens and some of the team banners/logos (Special Thanks to von Ozbourne for helping with that stuff!) I considered making the ice darker like NHL 94 for example but, kept it the light default color, since 95 players probably prefer that. Other small changes that are unique are the pre-game menu team ratings, they're all high of course, based on how many finals they reached, stanley cups each team won, how often they made the playoffs, the actual level of legends their franchise has had over the years, etc.

The goal of this was to have rosters for each team made up of players who 1. Played for that franchise for the most games/seasons 2. Scored the most points for that specific franchise 3. Were important players during a special season or winning season for that team. Most players are around the top 20 of all time scorers for the specific franchise, with some exceptions for defenseman, and other situations. Some examples of this would be: Ray Bourque being on Colorado even though he only played there for 2 seasons, because he won the cup there, or Chris Pronger on Anaheim for the same reason. No player will be on more than 3 teams total in this game!

This game was meant to be played for Season Mode with Edit Lines on and Penalties on (no offsides of course). Specifically it was made for doing full-control seasons, without simulating any games automatically, since simulating typically is unbalanced as far as team records are concerned.  See what team is truly the greatest team in a whole season! I've been doing it by having the cpu play eachother in many of the games (7 minutes is recommended for that with fast forward on your emulator, gets more goals from the cpu!) and then just playing a few games for each team. It's kind of a cool way to nerd out, follow your own season and all the stats for each player/team if you're bored and just wanna play offline! But also, it was meant to be played in historically accurate playoff series! Playoff mode was carefully edited to have every single season's 16 playoff teams be from an actual NHL season, from 91-92 through 22-23. Of course later seasons use the 1-4 1-4 so, for those they simply match up so the top two matchups on the playoff tree in each conference are from one division, and the bottom two matchups are from the other!

Some adjustments to the schedule had to be made but all 26 original teams are in Season Mode, yet still all 32 teams (plus all star teams) are in the game! This is a big issue for all the other NHL 95 34 team hacks out there. The teams used in Season Mode are alphabetical, so if you put them A-Z, some important teams are left out. Instead, The original 26 franchises are A-Z, and then the 6 new franchises are A-Z following. Since it's a 'All Time Hack' it makes more sense to use franchises that have been around for 3 decades or more. The 1 team I was unsure what to do with was Winnipeg, as they take up two franchises, so I just decided to have Winnipeg be used in Season Mode as that city has a much richer hockey history than Arizona, and I simply combined players from both franchises since they are both technically Winnipeg from a historical standpoint! Arizona is just players from the original Winnipeg franchise and Phoenix/Arizona.

So of course, there have been many other all time roster hacks over the years, so I needed to do something different for this to stand out. The main difference is: Using different players from many different decades for more variety. I wanted to have current players who are still increasing their points and games played for their current franchise on every team! So for example you might see a roster like Montreal and think hey, a few of these guys aren't among their 'best players ever.'

Mind you there's a Max of 26 players on each team, with at least 2 being goalies, so Original 6 teams were the hardest to do. But I wanted players from the important seasons for each team, and spread across many decades on those teams. Teams like Montreal might not have as many 'historic legends' from the last 30 years but, those players still are important to their history, especially the ones up there in the all time games played list for the team. It would be boring and repetitive to just have only dynasty players for those teams! Take Philadelphia, players included would be from Philadelphia's 70s, 80s, 97, and 2010 finals teams, mixed in with a couple of their best current players, and other players among the top 15 in Games/Points. It makes the rosters different from these other hacks, and you still have the choice to use only those dynasty and top top legend teams for your Edit Lines.

Hopefully I've explained the rosters well enough! I know some people will see a few players and think 'WHY IS HE HERE, AND NOT HIM?' But I can assure you pretty much all the obvious players for each franchise will be there. I definitely didn't go back further than the 1940s as my knowledge doesn't go that far back, and there's already such a wide player pool for the original 6. On top of that, you're really only using 9 forwards and 6 defenseman for the lines, 1 goalie, so I figure hey, the important guys will be on the lines, and if you disagree with some of them, change the lines, open NOSE and change the default lines or edit a few players yourself if you want, make it your own!

Anyway, forgive the essay of describing lol I'll shutup now :) Hope some people truly enjoy this hack!

NHL 95 All-Time Legends.bin

Screenshot (78652).png

Screenshot (78653).png

Screenshot (78654).png

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  • NotJustGamesThisIsMyLife changed the title to NHL 95 All Time Legends Final Cut! All 32 teams now, Original 26 teams of 95 usable for Season mode, Actual playoff matchups of each year from 1991-2023 in playoff mode, and more!
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UPDATE: Not sure how but when editing rosters 1 VERY IMPORTANT player somehow was missing. Noticed it when I was playing as Washington, Rod Langway back to back Norris winner, Hall of Famer, somehow got overwritten when I was touching up rosters and wasn't there. So I re added him here, that's the only change from the other download

NHL All-Time.bin

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