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How To: Disable/Reduce Puck Hitting Goal Posts [SNES]

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Disable / Reduce frequency of the puck hitting the posts

Reduce the Insane amount of times the puck hits the post in SNES.

There are a few things you can do:

  • Remove the check to see if the puck hits the cross bar or post, this results in a goal when it normally would hit the post.
  • Keep the check but make the cross bar height higher and or the side posts further out.
  • Keep the Crossbar check but skip the posts check. This would probably be the best balance if you still want some posts in the game.

Technical Details:

The code below is executed when the puck is about to go into the net. As mentioned above there are a few hacks you can apply.


  1. Hijacking the code at this location; we can jump to the goal logic (jmpToGoalLogic) and skip all the post checks. (Always a goal, no post)
  2. Changing this value from #$000D to a larger hex value (000F) will make the crossbar height higher (Not visually just in code)
  3. Changing this value from #$0012 to a larger hex value (0014) should make one side of the net wider (Not visually just in code)
  4. Changing this value from #$FFEF to a smaller hex value (FFEB) should make the other side of the net wider (Not visually just in code)


New Code:

I simply chose option 1; to skip all the logic that checks if the post was hit, and always jump to the Goal Logic.


I have included that patch in the tool and the Hex example below.

Download the patch tool to create your own ROM or patch an existing ROM.



Hex Version:


1) Replace old hex value with new hex value.

Headerless ROM (.SFC)
ROM Offsets: (hex) F1230
Old: AD F9 0D
New: 4C 0F 92

Headered ROM (.SMC)
ROM Offsets: (hex) F1430
Old: AD F9 0D 
New: 4C 0F 92


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4 hours ago, kidswasted said:

This is incredible. I wonder if slapshots will be more successful now.

Unfortunately no, this logic happens after the game has decided the puck is going in the net. I still have to find the code for shooting and goalie save logic.
But anything that was going to hit the post will now be a goal.

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