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Hello everyone, the final date in which to log games will be Monday, May 6th. Below is a current look at the adjusted standings, this table should update in tandem with the NHL94.com website.

For leagues with two divisions, each division winner will obtain one of the top two seeds and a bye with the remaining 4 teams qualifying based on points but seed will be based on win percentage. 

Leagues with one division will provide the top 3 teams with a bye while 4 & 5 duke it out in a best of 7 for the right to play the 1 seed in a Semifinal. Only the top seed will be decided by points, the next 4 seeds will qualify by points but seeded based on win percentage.

All teams receive a -2 for each DNP regardless of fault.

If you see any discrepancies or mistakes please DM me in Discord. There are a lot of formulas and leagues involved, mistakes are possible/probable.

We will not be extending the deadline, please do your best to complete the schedule before the end of May 6th. If necessary, we will do our best to replace inactive coaches with those who can get games in. 

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