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Which PC controller do you use for nhl 93/94? I have a gravis eliminator gamepad pro. It works, but the does not feel tight. Any suggestions for a controller?

I purchased an a Playstation 2 to USB converter for a few dollars, thus allowing me to use my PS2 contoller, and it works a treat!

Mind you, there are a few quirks with some of the ones on the market. If you want to know the exact one I purchased, I'll look it up and find a site that still sells them.

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I have a nyko air flo & I love it. It's the controller with the fan inside to keep your hands cool, although I didn't even get it because of the that reason. The reason I got it is because it is the only controller I could find without webbing between the up down left & right on the D-pad. Plus you can customize the controller's many buttons very well, it's ergonomic & the fans really do help keep your hands cool.

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Nothing beat the very first gravis gamepad pro... after a few years, however, their manufacturing became very shoddy and then disgraceful with the introduction of this piece of crap:

Today I use the gravis precision, which unfortunately doesn't work on the newest versions of NHL Hockey. For the only version that matters to me, though (93/94), it's the best of the new controllers for the game in my mind.

That said, it's really a disgrace that nobody has come out with a precise and easy to handle D-pad for the pc these days.

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